Mar 25, 2009

Online toy shop o' the year

I stumbled across this lovely online toy shop:

you MUST visit. Their toys are beautiful and high quality, tending toward the N-Joy end of the spectrum. They have some toys I've never seen before, including ceramic and jade buttplugs!


Calculating Infinity said...

Looks good, but I have seen all of this before. Have you seen yet?

slut girl lydia said...

Dear Mr Buttpluglover,

I have to tell you that I have been there, in October I went to London, and I visit the Coco de Mer in Covent Garden. It was a great boutique, very different to all others, it was sexy and erotic, and not in a bad way, quite magic and kinky in a classy way. I hope I will go back soon to London and I will visit it again

See my new pictures at my blog, where I’m standing in front of Coco de Mer.

Kisses from slut girl lydia