Sep 11, 2005

some pics I find good

Just a few pics I find interesting.

And in use:

One I would like to try:

Sep 5, 2005

the triple ripple buttplug

You can find the Triple Ripple buttplug all over the internet. I think this is one fantastic plug, though not for novices. I'm experienced and find it difficult to wear this plug for very long. Also, since it's not built to stay in by itself, one MUST sit on it or hold it in with ropes or whatnot.

I'm sitting on it now as I type this and can tell you that it really stretches my asshole. It's a good two and a half inches at its widest and even the neck is a good size: 1.9 x 2.2 inches. By using this plug for a half-hour or so and alternately tightening and relaxing my anus, I can then easily insert Buster into my ass with no discomfort.

I've slept the last two nights with the standard plug in my butt and will spend tonight with it in my ass -- or maybe Buster. Depends how I feel at bedtime. Yesterday I went grocery shopping plugged, too. Life is back to normal, haha.

I would really like there to be a clothing line with an elastic-edged hole cut right where a person's asshole is, so that any plug may be inserted with only the base sticking out, and then the garment (pants, bathing suit, whatever) worn like regular, but with the pug up the wearer's ass. This would - and should - allow the base to be seen. Of course, I dream of a world where buttplug wear is as normal and optional as earrings and where this would not be considered strange or sick. *sigh* I've included a sample of the idea below. Yes, that's me.

Well, now that I"m through with this post, I'm going to go take the triple-ripplle plug out and put Buster up my butt and enjoy the rest of my night.

Sep 2, 2005

long time no post

Sorry about the delay, dear Readers. I have been extremely busy lately. My butt has been somewhat neglected, 'tis true. But I wanted to share with you that a few weeks ago, I did go eight nights in a row buttplugged; that was a record. I have spent most of today buttplugged -- the last few weeks I could only snatch a few hours here and there. Earlier, I ran errands with my favorite plug in my ass - even returned some items at J and R. I love running around town with my asshole filled; it just feels RIGHT. All the other times, I feel very empty.

So, today has been a good one for me and my butt. In fact, I am sitting on my big triple ripple buttplug right now.

I have found a way of posting that spreadsheet I promised earlier by converting it to a picture and now Blogspot allows hosting pictures.