Sep 2, 2005

long time no post

Sorry about the delay, dear Readers. I have been extremely busy lately. My butt has been somewhat neglected, 'tis true. But I wanted to share with you that a few weeks ago, I did go eight nights in a row buttplugged; that was a record. I have spent most of today buttplugged -- the last few weeks I could only snatch a few hours here and there. Earlier, I ran errands with my favorite plug in my ass - even returned some items at J and R. I love running around town with my asshole filled; it just feels RIGHT. All the other times, I feel very empty.

So, today has been a good one for me and my butt. In fact, I am sitting on my big triple ripple buttplug right now.

I have found a way of posting that spreadsheet I promised earlier by converting it to a picture and now Blogspot allows hosting pictures.


jay shail said...

What did you buy at J&R?

Buttpluglover said...

An adapter so I can start putting some of my old tapes onto the computer as mp3s.

Anonymous said...

Wow what a great blog !
I'm also a butt plug maniac
41 years old, I practice anal
25 years about and I'm devoted
to the plug more than 15 years.
Have to leave now (pluged) but will
write you back.

Keep on plug

Buttpluglover said...


Anonymous said...

Hi boy,
congratulations about your butt plug lifestyle blog.
I'm extra wide pluged right now,
9cm or 3.5 in, I have to be really zen with this plug so I'm changing to a smaller, 2.5 in, this one I can wear comfortably all day and night long at home or outdoor.
Butt plug it's only a small part of my anal activity, I love been penetrated by my wife's huge strap-on dildos. I enjoy fisting a lot also, two hands or one feet comes up easy. Wife take care of my asshole just two three times a
week so since last year i own a powerful fucking machine that I use several times a day.
Actually love been fucked by a horse replica black dildo, in middle speed can stand over 5 hours of horse size fucking.
Wife loves also.

Anonymous said...

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Gina Forchevsky said...

LOVE your blog!
I've been using the "Buster", as you call it, up my ass for the last year or so.. Unfortunately, I'm not always able to wear it for too long, as my ass has become pretty popular ;-)
But my sexual activity with humans seems to be on a slow-down, so I'm using my dildoes and butt plugs more often, and think I'm going to try and keep "buster" up my ass longer.. right now, the longest I can keep it in my ass, is usually, about 30 minutes, before the "urge to purge" becomes unbearable... I've been playing with toys in my ass for the last 2 years, and my pussy for the last 10, but only in the past year or so, have I started using really LARGE toys in my holes, and I have to say, I LOVE it!!
I'm also learning SO MUCH, thanks to your blog! Thank you!
I'm hoping that, thanks to your experiences, I can soon keep Buster in my ass for a few hours! I love driving around with him in me, especially over bumpy roads!
Wish me luck!