Aug 11, 2005

feels so good

buttplug up my ass,
buttplug up my ass,
buttplug up my ass!

Spent last night again with Buster in my ass, though about 5 in the morning, things got uncomfortable, so I switched for my standard plug and slept soundly 'til I got up for the day. Before getting showered, i decided to see how much of my 18 inch double dildo I could fit up my ass. I've noticed that its easier to go deep in the mornings than later. I think the fact that I haven't completed evacuated my bowels keeps the pipes a little more open.

I managed to slowly slide 13" worth of the double dong up my hungry hole. I was astounded! I wonder if i can repeat the feat! I took some pics when it was about 12" in and later took some pics with my big acrylic plug in my ass. I'll post them sometime, I promies. The acrylic plug reminded me once again that though I can take it deep and take it wide comfortably, there's a physical limit to how wide I can stretch things, imposed by my pelvic opening!

Spent the day sans buttplug once again - simply too active right now to have a buttplug in during the day and risk embarassment - but slipped my fav plug in the moment I got home tonight.

how comfortable and wonderful is that buttplug up my ass!


jay shail said...

your site gets me hot

jay shail said...

cat got your tongue?