Aug 9, 2005

Feeling the stretch

I'm pleased to report that my butthole has been very cooperative lately. As noted, I slept Sunday night with the standard plug in my ass - easy stuff for me. Last night I decided to step it up a notch and go for some girth. I put Buster, my doorknob-shaped butt plug, in about 6:30 last night and aside from bathroom trips, wore him until I had to leave for work this morning, at 8:15, right after the shuttle landed.

I don't know why the shuttle landing should have any bearing on how l wear buttplugs, but I just thought I'd mention it. I thought the landing was very cool.

After some mild discomfort yesterday evening with Buster, as my ass was getting used to this intruder I haven't felt in quite a while! - I alleviated some of that discomfort by trussing up with my impromptu cock-cage and string harness trick. What this does is hold my buttplug in. And even though the plug would easily stay in by itself, my ass gets fooled into thinking it doesn't have to work at it - and thus relaxes, which makes wearing plugs of almost any size very comfortable. I slept soundly last night, coming to awareness of this large black rubber knob stretching my anus and rectum only now and then.

I will sleep again tonight with Buster blocking my buns and may try something much longer tomorrow, such as the double-dildo or the Colt Explorer, both of which I would have to tie the non-inserted portion to my leg to keep the inserted portion from slipping out, as there are no knobs or ridges for my ass to grip.

By the way, friends, if you run across a website or a blog entry related to plugging, please don't hesitate to send comments and compliments to those posters - it means a lot to our small community. Also, don't hesitate to send me links! I'll re-post them here.
A correspondent sent me a link to the patent materials related to a pic I'd previously posted. Interesting stuff! I'm exploring the related patents and am intrigued by this thing: Free Image Hosting at Is it to prevent masturbation? That guy looks like some of my leather friends.

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