Feb 1, 2009

Five days, six nights

Well, I had a good run this last week. I stayed plugged full-time from Monday night through last night. Five full days; six nights - STRAIGHT. Today I had to break that string, as I had a hard workout planned and the buttplug just wouldn't be compatible. But once my workout was over this afternoon, my hole was once again hosting a party in my ass.

the Pace is just an awesome piece of work. It occured to me, though, that is isn't so much a buttplug as it is a piercing for a pre-existing hole. The difference being, it doesn't produce a stretch on the anus. So it's actually been a week since I've used a sizable plug and when I put in my standard plug today, I could really tell! So right now, I'm stretching my bunghole with my large anal dilator and will probably sleep with the standard plug in. I am not sure which plug I will wear tomorrow - I have a full day of work (twelve hours) and will be on my feet for about three hours of that. The Pace is easiest to wear long-term and goes in easiest with little or no lube... well, we'll see.