Feb 1, 2009

Five days, six nights

Well, I had a good run this last week. I stayed plugged full-time from Monday night through last night. Five full days; six nights - STRAIGHT. Today I had to break that string, as I had a hard workout planned and the buttplug just wouldn't be compatible. But once my workout was over this afternoon, my hole was once again hosting a party in my ass.

the Pace is just an awesome piece of work. It occured to me, though, that is isn't so much a buttplug as it is a piercing for a pre-existing hole. The difference being, it doesn't produce a stretch on the anus. So it's actually been a week since I've used a sizable plug and when I put in my standard plug today, I could really tell! So right now, I'm stretching my bunghole with my large anal dilator and will probably sleep with the standard plug in. I am not sure which plug I will wear tomorrow - I have a full day of work (twelve hours) and will be on my feet for about three hours of that. The Pace is easiest to wear long-term and goes in easiest with little or no lube... well, we'll see.


Anonymous said...

I love your blog. I've been wearing butt plugs for well over 20 years. Not full time though. I've started wearing 24/7 two weeks ago with only a short break for a superbowl party. I work a blue collar job and am on my feet almost the whole time. I found that a butt plug harness really gives me the confidence to wear full time. I know it won't fall out. Before I bought the harness I did have a few times where one did fall out. Keep up the good work here and with your butt plugging. I look forward to reading more.

Anonymous said...

Hi! I stumbled on your blog a few days ago, and I find it very inspiring! I just got the World's Most Comfortable Butt Plug from Mr. S Leather in a size large (for extended wear, because I'm experimenting with that right now). I've been wearing a medium Doc Johnson for stretches of several hours this week, but I'm already loving the newest addition to my plug family. Keep writing for us! I look forward to reading more. I'm thinking of starting a female-perspective buttplugging blog soon.

Sexual Adventurer said...

Hi! It's me again, from the previous post, letting you know that I did decide to start a blog:

toyloverguy said...

Hello! I'm a married man who would buy a butt plug once in a while, for decades. I would use the toy once then throw it away for fear of being caught. Well the past few years I've been keeping my sex toys, and now I have a nice collection of a few dozen items. And I can't stop buying them. Thanks to your mention I want the Comfort Plug next. So many plugs, but so little privacy to use them. But your blog gave me the extra inspiration to bring me to the decision to wear a plug to work today for the first time. I have a career job, and the thought of wearing the plug for a full day, plus any chance in a million of being discovered, was hard to get over. I took extra precautions, putting in extra gobs of KY Jelly; then my smallest plug, the Ryder; then several paper towels at the plug base. Then I wore a jockstrap, backwards so the pouch was over my ass. This helps hold the plug in, plus it holds the paper towel in place for the next step. Which is, my version of a harness: simply any regular belt, and a head sweatband. The belt will be very low around my waist, so as not to ride up above my pants or even my underwear. The sweatband will work like a sling, from back to front of the belt, by way of my butt crack, then up and around my penis. The procedure is to thread the belt through the loop of the sweatband, and let the band hang down at the middle of the belt. Then I put the belt around my waist, but unfastened for now. I stretch the sweatband down my ass crack and through my legs, and grab it from the front. Pulling up the sweatband now, you have the other end of the loop, which you pull up around your balls and penis. Pull very hard, thread the front of the belt through the loop, and fasten. The effect is not only to hold the plug in place, but there is actually the feeling of a cock ring. Over this strap assembly, I wore two pair of underwear. It was a new senasation to wear a plug while interacting with my associates, but especially just sitting, working at my computer -- it was nice and I don't think it's the last time. I felt quite secure against any accidents from happening, and pulled it off without incident. 9 hrs 45 min. total plug time. Tonight I think I'll get out the big toys and finish the job.