Jun 27, 2010

Remaining plugged

Since returning from overseas, I've remained plugged, either with the small Alumina Pace, or the large anal dilator, or the big acrylic plug, or (while showering) the new water bottle. I've stayed buttplugged now for eleven days straight and the sense of normality is returning. Even being plugged here during a family get together feels normal. I only brought the Pace, but it is easy to carry it around in my anus 24 hours a day. I do wish I'd packed at least the dilator. It would be nice to sleep with that stretching my asshole and filling my rectum.

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Jun 26, 2010

At the airport

Miraculously, I am buttplugged at LaGuardia airport. Had my small plug in my toiletries in my checked bag, because I didn't want embarrassing questions in the security line. However, baggage fees caused me to change my mind and attempt to just do carryon. So I ditched the shampoo and the like and just hoped that my medicines would attract enough attention to distract from the metal butt plug in my toiletries.

But I went right through, no searches and no questions asked. Maybe the key is to make sure the plug is x-rayed from an end view instead of profile.

Now the question is: what do I do at the other end, where I'm bei g picked up by family?

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Jun 21, 2010

Good boy!

I'm a dirty boy, but I'm a good boy. Seems like this water bottle was just made to be used as a large buttplug. Neuro bliss up the ass. Just like nature intended.

Jun 18, 2010

Been away for awhile

Was out of town for most of a month, without my toys. Discovered while I was gone that a mini-maglite does a wonderful job of being an impromptu buttplug, even for the all-nighter. However, I missed my toys and was delighted to get home and slide my Pace into my sphincter. There's no place like home? There's no place like ASS HOLE. :D

Found this fantastic article on the web: The Thinking Woman's Guide to Buttfucking. Fantastic.

One of my hotels had private balconies. :)