Dec 28, 2005


Ahhhh. First day back from vacation and of course that means I've been a week without a buttplug in my ass. My little hole needed this so much! I was no more than 30 seconds in the door than I was dropping trou in the bathroom and sliding my favorite plug home. THEN I dealt with all the unpacking chores and going to get groceries.

Vegatables. One of the commenters asked if I'd ever used vegetables. Why, yes I have! But here's the secret: freeze them. Now maybe the idea of shoving something ice-cold up your butt makes you clench your cheeks, but let me assure you the experience is excrutiatingly devine. I first started using frozen foods when in a moment of inspiration, I used a frozen polish sausage. A few seconds under warm tap water took the worst of the bite out of it, and the frozen core felt great. Later, I just used them straight from the freezer. Fucking yourself with something frozen is intense at first. Later, your asshole loses some sensation and tends to stay open, just like your hands lose flexibility and sensation when they get too cold.

After the polish sausage, I moved up to larger frozen items, such as cucumbers and, yes, small eggplants. Heaven.

Dec 15, 2005

A couple of firsts

I've been wearing my standard plug for well over 24 hours now, my first full day in a long time. Somehow, it just struck me this morning that maybe I could manage some exercise with a buttplug in my ass. I went for a long jog and it really was pretty good. I don't know if my buttplug or my method of trussing shows at all through the running clothes, but they're loose, so I don't think so. The cold made me cough and towards the end of the run I was feeling the buttplug wanting to be forced out when I coughed and it felt more prominent in my ass than when I started exercising. So that's the first first.

the other first is that after my shower, I went to work with my buttplug in. Now, I have gone to work-related events that were short in duration with a buttplug, and I once went with my smallest plug in for a half-day, but today I went with my standard plug in and just did it. I didn't use the bathroom except to urinate - thank god for locks on doors, right?

Dec 2, 2005

sleeping with a buttplug in

If you've been wondering how long a person can wear a buttplug, or have been contemplating sleeping with a buttplug in your ass, as I do, you might find the following helpful.

I've been sleeping with a buttplug up my ass four to six nights a week for nearly 18 months now; it's pretty much a permanent feature of my bedtime routine, whether or not I've been wearing a buttplug that day or not.

The main thing to remember is that your ass and rectum must be trained to do this. As you no doubt are aware, the longer you use buttplugs, the longer you can wear one in one sitting. As time progresses, you may go from a mere 15 minutes up to several hours.

Sleeping while plugged is only an extension of this. If you can comfortably wear a particular plug for several hours, at least five, then you are ready to try sleeping with that little toy plugging your ass.

First, you will want to choose a plug that is so comfortable to you that as you walk around, going about your daily business, you routinely forget that it's back there. This is to ensure that you aren't putting new or uncomfortable (and potentially damaging) pressures on the various muscles and tissues you'll be affecting. Second, make sure that you go to the bathroom before going to bed, really evacuate those bowels. make sure your plug is clean and warm and ready to go. Lube up, plug up, and go to bed. If your ass is truly comfortable with the plug you've chosen, you shouldn't need any form of making sure the plug stays in place - your sphincter muscles should be enough even when relaxed. (However, if you're used to wearing something that ensures the plug doesn't slip out and don't trust yourself when you cough or sneeze, you should continue wearing that insurance. Me, I sleep wearing nothing but the plug; being horizontal seems to be enough insurance against the plug falling out, but also I use a plug that is of medium size, meaning it has a good bulge to neck ratio. I wouldn't recommend trying to keep any of those slim, narrow plugs in without external help.) It helps to take a bath or shower before bed and be really relaxed.

I do not recommend plugs that reach very deep - after all, your body functions will continue and fecal matter will tend to occupy your rectum along with the plug overnight. I'll address what happens in the morning in a bit. I tend to use plugs that are medium in length and girth, though I have worn a short, fat plug overnight several times and I have also tried an 8" dildo - but didn't quite make it through the night with that one. You might have different results.

Your first several nights trying this will NOT be restful ones! Your mind will be too occupied with that fact that you actually have something holding your anus open and shoved up your rectal cavity to sleep well. As your brain goes through the sleep cycles, every time it rises to light sleep, you'll wake up, probably. Don't worry, this lessens over time, just as training yourself to sleep with a different pillow or on a different matress or wearing a PAP mask (you snorers!) takes time. You may also be horny as hell since plug-wearing, after all, is primarily for sexual gratification at first. Wearing a plug overnight simulates having a nice thick cock up your ass all night, though that isn't practical. After several over-night attempts, you should find yourself waking after eight hours of sleep refreshed, well-slept, and happy. You may even be pleasantly surprised once you sit up to be "reminded" that you have a buttplug in your ass!

After awakening, you probably need to go to the bathroom. If you don't, you should go anyway. Do NOT force the plug out by pulling. Overnight, your rectal walls will have absorbed any lubricant you used and instead a thin coating of mucous will have encapsulated the plug, just as it does fecal matter. Just relax and let the plug out with the normal operation of evacuating your bowels and the plug should come out slowly and easily. If you're like me, the plug will come out almost clean, with slight traces of that previously mentioned mucous coat. Once the plug is out, do your business as you usually do, and then you can put the plug back in (after a thorough washing of course!) If you choose to put the plug back in (and I often do, at least for the couple of hours 'til I leave for work), you might find it ridiculously easy, or right back to the same degree of resistance as if your ass were fresh. Sometimes the anal muscles will be sore. Soreness prompts rest, so don't push it. You can always put the plug away and come back to it when your butt feels better.

And that's it!