Dec 15, 2005

A couple of firsts

I've been wearing my standard plug for well over 24 hours now, my first full day in a long time. Somehow, it just struck me this morning that maybe I could manage some exercise with a buttplug in my ass. I went for a long jog and it really was pretty good. I don't know if my buttplug or my method of trussing shows at all through the running clothes, but they're loose, so I don't think so. The cold made me cough and towards the end of the run I was feeling the buttplug wanting to be forced out when I coughed and it felt more prominent in my ass than when I started exercising. So that's the first first.

the other first is that after my shower, I went to work with my buttplug in. Now, I have gone to work-related events that were short in duration with a buttplug, and I once went with my smallest plug in for a half-day, but today I went with my standard plug in and just did it. I didn't use the bathroom except to urinate - thank god for locks on doors, right?


altair said...

Can you make some photos of your buttplugs?

Buttpluglover said...

I could work on that I guess.

Kate said...

ah, now I see why you commented as you did on our blog. What an interesting lifestyle you lead! Just a day must seem like far too short a time... but for an untrained hole, this is a different adventure entirely. additionally, he was wearing it at work, an experiance you still seem a little leery to try full time.

this is similar to a hobby I hope to take up myself... are you sure that regular butt plug use wouldn't encourage hemerhoids at a later age? what is your source for that information? (also, are there aditional risks, beyond discovery, with such habits?)

Anonymous said...

Hobby !! yes that's it.
Butt plug is my hobby, dildos too.
Third day plugged, just a little tired, too much excitation I think.
My girlfriend and our boyfriend takes really good care or my wide hole. Believe me, there is nothing better than been fucked all day long.

Anonymous said...

Have you ever try vegetables ?
Huge eggplants are great ....
Can stay in like plugs.