Dec 28, 2005


Ahhhh. First day back from vacation and of course that means I've been a week without a buttplug in my ass. My little hole needed this so much! I was no more than 30 seconds in the door than I was dropping trou in the bathroom and sliding my favorite plug home. THEN I dealt with all the unpacking chores and going to get groceries.

Vegatables. One of the commenters asked if I'd ever used vegetables. Why, yes I have! But here's the secret: freeze them. Now maybe the idea of shoving something ice-cold up your butt makes you clench your cheeks, but let me assure you the experience is excrutiatingly devine. I first started using frozen foods when in a moment of inspiration, I used a frozen polish sausage. A few seconds under warm tap water took the worst of the bite out of it, and the frozen core felt great. Later, I just used them straight from the freezer. Fucking yourself with something frozen is intense at first. Later, your asshole loses some sensation and tends to stay open, just like your hands lose flexibility and sensation when they get too cold.

After the polish sausage, I moved up to larger frozen items, such as cucumbers and, yes, small eggplants. Heaven.

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Anonymous said...

I'm more warm plug and dildo lover, I have right now a nice shape round plastic bottle filled with warm water, full up my wet hole, I get it up from the back side so only the nack is a little outside.

But I'm so curious that I have allready some vegetables into my freezer.