Nov 28, 2006

bribing myself to be a good boy

I think I've mentioned in the past that I'm a jogger. Not much, just a few runs per week, only a few miles each. I'm certainly not good at it, nor am I in the kind of shape to do a marathon or anything. I've never seriously looked at doing road races, though I've done a couple of Turkey Trots with friends just for fun. But I have taken a huge step and for a variety of reasons, I've signed up to do a long race in a couple of months. No, I'm not going to tell you which one. Or the length, though I will reveal it's half-marathon length or longer.

The point is: now I'm beginning to add miles to my runs in ways I haven't done. It is a real struggle to run longer than I'm used to. Well, jog, at least. But I find that if I BRIBE myself, I can get it done.

"Come on, baby, just finish this last two miles and I'll let you get King Dong out tonight to fuck yourself silly in the shower."

"Finish up this eight-mile run without walking and I'll let you order that new buttplug you've had your eye on." This one, by the way.

So it's that. Bribing. Is the promise of butt-love the only thing that's going to get me to the starting line of The Big Race? *sigh* I'm such an addict. It's like crack. LIke goddamn crack.

Nov 25, 2006

aluminum buttplugs

Jeff, the only one I've been aware of is the Uranus, which is sold at the Mr S leather site. There may be others, but probably not many. The problem is that aluminum is a slightly porous metal, which means it can stain. Anodizing is a method of sealing and hardening the outer surface which would be great for a buttplug, but I don't know if anybody is doing it.

On another commenter's recommendation, I checked out, which I remember having visited, but didn't realize it was so anally oriented. Good stuff.

And, for the first time ever, this post marks the first time I've had to go put a buttplug in before posting. Usually, I'm already plugged when the urge to post strikes; but not this time. And if I'm not holding a toy in my ass when I post, then what's the point, eh.

Nov 21, 2006

traveling again

Is there anything sadder than a grown man standing in his hotel room, clad only in his shorts, ironing the next day's shirt? No, unless it's a grown man standing in his hotel room wearing only a thick black buttplug, ironing the next day's shirt...

Nov 18, 2006

Responses to recent comments

Anonymous, I think the Colt 7" plug would be a good choice. I prefer simpler over complicated, though. You might like the bumps and ridges of the other choices. I have used Colt products in the past and find them of decent quality, though not quite up to Doc Johnson standards.

HappyTail, I'm glad you've found your keys to happiness. :) I don't know of any sites that exclusively show buttplugged women (or men for that matter), but persistent searching often turns up photo sets on the higher quality sites. I've found most of my own collection just randomly on the web. I don't use pay sites. As for trading, I'm sorry, but that involves a great deal more time than I've got. I do post one or two pics from my collection now and then, so keep an eye on the blog and take whichever ones float your boat.

Perry, all of us have different-length rectums. Some are shorter, some are longer before they reach the bend (and sphincter) that tranverses into the colon. I have a fairly short rectum myself - 6" is just about my max penetration without pain. I don't know that the rectum can be permanently stretch to be deeper or anything like that. But I do know that at certain times of the day and certain states of relaxation, it is possible for me to use much longer tools without pain. The tools reach the end of the rectum and then with gentle persuasion can sometimes slip past that bend and up into the colon a bit. For me, in general, being able to do this means two things: one, it's early in the morning and I haven't shit yet. Gross, I know, but I don't think that is true for everybody. And two, thinner, more flexible objects will go in and up easier. Your buttplug isn't going to do it. You should find yourself a longish, soft, flexible, THIN dildo, climb into a warm bath and begin to plumb the depths, slowly and gently. Lots of lube, of course. As for the buttplug itself, if wearing it causes pain in any position, I'd throw it out and search for a new one. Good luck and please let me know how things go for you.

Need something more, bigger, stronger...

While lying in bed a couple nights ago, about to spend the second full night in a row with my biggest anal dilator up my ass, it occured to me that my butthole really likes thick, hard objects. Long term solution, of course, would be to find a nice guy hung like a horse for a bf and get fucked into submission every night.

In the meantime, short term, I'm amazed that my anus and rectum feel so good with the hard plastic dilators in place. I need bigger dilator, longer. So I got to thinking that perhaps I would invest in a well-varnished baseball bat, cut off the top 6" or so, string a cord through the sawed off end, and use that as my nighttime anal plug. Not hard to experiment with, I'm sure, and I think a visit to a sports shop is in my future.

I once had an aluminum baseball bat and that fit nicely, but of course I never thought of trimming it down for overnight use, not that my ass was ready for that back then.

Nov 13, 2006

going to the late shift

OK, it's been awhile since I've gone to work with one of my buttplugs in, but I'm going tonight!

And now some eyecandy, starring yours truly. Older photos, but I'm sure assplay is timeless.

Nov 12, 2006

The National Refer-end-um

When I went to the polls last Tuesday, the very thought that I was about to help shove the Republicans out of power and put Bush the Butthead at a disadvantage had me at half-mast already, but walking on over to the polling place with my anus stretched open by Buster, one of my fatter buttplugs, knowing how the conservatives would disapprove, practically had me cumming in my shorts. Suck it, Bush.

In the meantime, maybe I should get one of these.

Nov 5, 2006

Updating, or not..

As an anonymous poster reminded me:
"i love your post but when are you going to update?????? its ben nearly a month since the last update...we want to know what you are up to and if you have had any recent plugging experiences!!!"

This is so true, and very true of sex blogs in general, that my updating comes in bits and spurts and then there are long fallow periods. I want you, my loyal readers, to know that when I'm not putting up new entries, by no means have I gone into hibernation or left the world of butt-plugs, but rather have simply gotten insanely busy at work. It happens. And it happens enough I'm able to pay my bills and rent and buy things I like to eat and even a new toy now and then. But it also means that I end up with so very very little time for myself that I can't even get the laundry done and the dishes washed, much less put in blog entries.

But, I don't want to leave you disappointed, so I will chronicle a milestone. Last week, for the first time ever, I slept through the entire night with the largest of the hard plastic anal dilators in my ass. As a matter of fact, by 10 a.m. the next morning, I had spent 24 hours with that plug up my butt. At 1 3/4" diameter, it always feels just a little on the largish size; the next size down, 1 1/2", always feels just right. So it was quite a triumph to spend that long constantly feeling the stretch in my anus and the penetration into my rectum (the toy is 5" long - not the longest toy I have, but hefty enough).

So I've been spending a lot more time wearing the dilators than my plugs. This may be because I really like a good anal stretch, or it may be because my standard "Purple Pucker" buttplug is just too comfortable - almost too comfortable to feel.

I'll also pose these questions to my readers: when does it all cross a legal line? When does buttplugging move from being a private venture into a matter of public concern? When do things cross into outright against-the-law? If I rent a motel room and use the handle of the hairdryer as an anal dildo (cleaning it very carefully afterwards, of course), have I broken the law? Certainly I think I've crossed a public trust line, but which one? Where is the line drawn? If I go out in public in a buttplug, I'm bothering nobody else, but if they KNEW I were plugged, would it be any of their business? Would it be a sex crime? How about if I suddenly got in a car crash and ended up in the hospital and they found out my dirty little secret?

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