Nov 25, 2006

aluminum buttplugs

Jeff, the only one I've been aware of is the Uranus, which is sold at the Mr S leather site. There may be others, but probably not many. The problem is that aluminum is a slightly porous metal, which means it can stain. Anodizing is a method of sealing and hardening the outer surface which would be great for a buttplug, but I don't know if anybody is doing it.

On another commenter's recommendation, I checked out, which I remember having visited, but didn't realize it was so anally oriented. Good stuff.

And, for the first time ever, this post marks the first time I've had to go put a buttplug in before posting. Usually, I'm already plugged when the urge to post strikes; but not this time. And if I'm not holding a toy in my ass when I post, then what's the point, eh.

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