Aug 8, 2005

just checking in

I know it's been awhile since I last posted, dear Reader, so I'm checking in now. I've come across several interesting sex blogs lately. They often mention butt plugs as complements to other devices or activities in the bedroom, but I am noticing a trend. It seems like most of these blog entries are posted by women (and, no, not as part of paid services) and often couch their use of a buttplug in terms of satisfying a craving that isn't getting satisfied otherwise. Many of these women have boyfriends, but their guys are butt-shy or whatever and they use buttplugs when they masturbate. Sometimes they work a buttplug into the bedroom scene with their boyfriend, often as a substitute for the two-guys-at-once fantasy. Close women friends tell me this is not unusual.

Some of the blogs - a minority - are posted by men, usually gay men, though I've run across one or two straight-man entries. Next time I post, I'll try to post some links to these entries.

After a rather lengthy re-training spell after my last vacation, I'm back up to wearing my standard butt plug 4 or 5 nights per week, and spending every evening and most of my mornings plugged. Two or three evenings a week, I stay stuffed with Buster, while the rest of the time the standard plug will do. Buster has a way of making his presence FELT, whilst my standard plug is simply a nice, comfortable, I-was-born-butt-plugged feeling. This is exactly where I want to be right now, and my next step will be to begin wearing the Comfortplug during work days. This, I think, is the most difficult step, as it requires a level of control over diet and defecation most people don't have. It requires being able to plan and predict one's regularity. I know some people do wear during the days, but I haven't gotten there yet. Soon, soon...

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j said...

Would have left you a comment on todays blog but didn't see any place to post. Thanks you.Its very nice to have an admirer. I will continue to lose and keep all posted.If I have any further buttplug adventures I'll let you know.