Mar 7, 2009

This is how I shower

Sorry about the lack of updates in a while. I was fairly stick through most of February. Left off plugging altogether, but I'm getting back into it. Nighttime has been especially successful, with me sleeping plugged through the whole of the last five nights with larger plugs than normal. (I mean, I can sleep with Flare in my ass anytime, but larger plugs require something extra.) Monday through Thursday night, I had my round glass buttplug up my ass all night. Quite a challenge for the first two nights, but got a lot easier and in the mornings, I felt wonderful. After shitting and showering, I'd put in my large anal dilator for the rest of the day. Last night, Friday, I got everything ready to watch one of my favorite sci-fi shows and made sure the large anal dilator was in. I've come to associate the two things, the show and that particular plug. (I'm not going to name the show, but you can guess.)

So last night I kept it in and slept with my large dilator keeping my asshole and rectum stretched open. More of a challenge, but by morning, felt so very natural. This morning, I jerked off and went for a long run (no plug). Getting home, I was waiting for a delivery, but managed to get a shower in. After the shower, I had just managed to insert the large Severin up my ass when the doorbell rang. I threw on my robe and got my delivery. Excellent. So now I'm sitting here, nude, plugged, and thinking I may go buy a new toy tonight.

So, anyway, I haven't posted pics of myself in QUITE some time. Below are three shots of me - sorry for the crappy pictures. Used a different camera and I'm not thrilled with the results. The pictures show how I usually show - with King Dong crammed up my ass. I use my legs to clamp down on the balls of the dildo to hold it up there while I wash my hair and body. If I have time, I'll proceed to fuck myself vigorously with King Dong before cleaning it and myself and moving on with my day. And by "moving on", I mean immediately plugging myself with one of my toys before even drying off. And so it goes.


Holding with my legs:

What it looks like from the front:

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Sexual Adventurer said...

I'm impressed at how deeply Mr. King Dong goes in! I really need to get a toy with a good suction cup so I can pop it into the shower wall! I'm finally back with it, now that I'm feeling better. :-) Oh, the retraining process...