Apr 11, 2009

plugged for a week

As of 2 p.m. today, I passed the one week solid milestone. No breaks, other than potty, for a week solid. All of that was with the small Pace plug in my butt - didn't really have time for anything else. Even took it places I'd normally go unplugged. It was pretty good, all in all.

Now, I'm giving myself a Saturday night stretch with the fat anal dilator and will go to bed with it in my ass. Tomorrow, probably some fun with King Dong, then back to the dilator while I finish up my taxes.

Man, a week. Totally amateur compared to some people, I'm sure, but a difficult point to reach for me, usually.


Calculating Infinity said...

congratulations man! I haven't been a week yet. 72 hours at the most I guess more or less, I don't keep track. I kind of get tired of it after while, but I am glad to say it doesn't give me a hemorrhoid anymore.

subbieforHer said...

Wow! congrats! I'm quite jealous, the longest I've continuously worn a plug was barely 36 hours... =(
Glad I found your blog, lots of good information here- I've always been very interested in being plugged for extended periods and your blog is a goldmine of great information!

Keep up the awesome work and have fun!