Jan 21, 2006


You may have noticed in one of the pictures in the last post that there are two black bands around the tops of my thighs. Yes, it's true; I was wearing stockings. Thigh-highs, lacy tops, sheer black. Very nice.

Recently, I became aware of the power of tights to keep one's legs warm. I mean, I was always aware of that fact and had heard that some men in some professions regularly wore tights under their jeans in order to keep warm. It wasn't gay or anything, just a good second layer. Runners of both sexes wear runners' tights to keep their legs warm, as well as provide support to the active muscle groups. In centuries past, men have worn tights or lederhosen as a matter of course.

So why can't men wear tights today? I don't know.

Even more forbidden is men wearing stockings. Some men are extremely attracted to dressing in women's underthings, I guess because they imagine themselves as a woman. That's fine; more power to 'em.

I decided to try some stockings to see what the fuss was about. After the first evening wearing them, I began to see the appeal. having these silky things gently wrapping your legs is like a legs-only hug. And the tops of the stocking felt very nice at the tops of my thighs - VERY nice. Sexy.

A few nights later, I added a garter belt to help hold the stockings up - try as I might, they wouldn't stay up if I was walking around too much. Now it seems obvious why garters exist. Hell, the two things combined make me wonder why women ever wear pantyhose? Seems such a pain in the ass to pull pantyhose DOWN to go to the bathroom, if you could leave it at just pulling down your undies, whilst the hose stay in place - and thus unmoving, unrumpled, and with no runs starting.

In short, stockings and garters allow deliciously easy access to the genitals and ass. And women's panties are notoriously easy to by-pass. Wanna fuck on the dance floor? NO PROBLEM!

So anyway, I've now got a pair of stockings with integrated garter belt. They look very nice and feel great. As a matter of self-discipline, I make myself change out my normal buttplug for Buster, my big black knobby one that stretches my anus so well. I mean, black goes with black goes with black, right? Now I'm thinking about some matching garments for the upper half of my body, as a black t-shirt kind of spoils the effect LOL! No, I'm not going for bras or anything; I don't have tits, not even man tits, and wouldn't want them. While they're fun to play with, I can't imagine lugging eight pounds of fat around on my chest and throwing off my center of balance and giving me back problems. I have enough problems getting exercise with two built-in Camelbaks making it harder. (Oh how I pity the people who find this blog by googling Camelbak.)

Back on the subject. So now I've got on black stockings, black garters, black buttplug, and black shirt. I gotta be up early tomorrow so I think this is what I'll sleep in and see if my ass can take Buster for the whole night, or if I'm forced to step down to my Standard plug.

Oh, and pics are forthcoming, just stay tuned.


Anonymous said...

You just have to wax your body and then you will be a real anal slut.

sidd harta said...

I think the stockings look great and I know that they feel great. Where are you...we could get along great together!

Anonymous said...

I like wearing stockings and garters, but only if my wife is not around she is very conservative