Jun 11, 2009

Um...what are we up to now?

2 months, 1 week. awesome. The small aluminum plug is just the perfect anal companion for such long-term wear. Solid little thing, easy to put in, easy to clean with a little toilet paper and hand sanitizer, easy to handle. No pinching. Only problem is when I'm wearing running shorts and go to sit down on a hard surface, there is often an audible *clunk* that may seem strange to other people. :)

I've been wearing the larger toys more and more while at home and the acrylic plug (2.5" at it's widest, 6" long, neck about 1.5") is becoming more comfortable over long periods of time. Unfortunately, its base is SO big, I can't go out in public wearing it, unless I figure out a way of cutting down the base - but I don't think I really want to do that. Here is a picture of many of the things I play with regularly, the acrylic plug is second from right.


Calculating Infinity said...

I had one of those on the right. I hated it I threw it away. I would really like to try that one ouyt next to the bottle but I dont want to buy the whole set. Did you find it sold single like that? If so where? Also. I hope you are using that bottle as a representation of size because glass can break in your butt.

Anonymous said...

The second from the right. The acrylic buttplug. Which shop sells it? I have searched for it since a year but cant find anyone who sells this plug. Please help me if you can and post a link for me.