Jun 5, 2009

2 months!

Hey, I'm still around...been a little busy lately, so haven't posted for a couple of weeks. But the 24/7 buttplugging continues apace. As of last night, I've spent 2 months plugged. Actually, there is one exception to that, and that's a 9-hour stretch without plug because of an event last Saturday where it would not have been wise to be plugged, not at all. So is my stretch broken? Must I start over now with only a 55-day streak as my record?

Most of the time, I am wearing the small Pace plug. At home, I often use the large anal dilator, but have lately been wearing my giant acrylic plug more and more - even starting to sleep part of some nights with it in (tonight is looking like one of those nights). My goal has become to be able to sleep all night with it up my ass, but it's a real challenge. In general, I'm cycling through several of my larger toys, to get my ass used to having something so large lodged in it for long periods, but I really only sleep well with the Pace, my standard Doc Johnson old plug, or the anal dilator.


Dave T. said...

So what exactly are the dimensions of the Acrylic? I'm very interested in your status. Do you find yourself being able to take larger items just by wearing a plug for a longer period of time?

Anonymous said...

So i just recently discovered you blog and i wanted to say i think its great. I have been inspired to start playing with my toys again( hope fully tonight will be my first all nighter in years) so i just wanted to say thanks and keep on plugging!

Anonymous said...

By my calculation you have been 99.4 % plugged during the past two months. You should feel satisfied in more ways than one.