Sep 14, 2009

Anal weekend

Haven't been concentrating on my ass too much lately. Work life gets in the way. :(

But this weekend was pretty good. Spent time working on my upstairs, doing electrical work, patching the walls, painting, etc and all the while nude except for shoes and a series of buttplugs. Started out with the Pace, but soon moved up to anal dilator, then to the Triple Ripple, which hasn't seen action in many months.

Not done upstairs. Some night this week will have to wash baseboards and window sills and finish painting. I hate painting. It is so hard not to make a mess.


doll said...

I do hope it was water washable paint!

anoe said...
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newcuriosity said...

Hi. I'm new to anal play and already I'm curious about getting a plug I can wear all day. I'm not sure where to get ones that have the base that is long and thin to wedge between the cheeks to make it easier to walk. Have you seen any of this kind?

FlySaab said...

I find the njoy pure plugs easy to wear all day and they have thin bases. Some find the njoy 2.0 a bit uncomfortable when sitting on hard surfaces, otherwise, it's OK too. One of my first silicone plugs was the Pearl:
Its size and shape make it easy to insert and it's very comfortable to wear all day and night. The base is about 1.5" wide, but it narrows down into an oval shape with pointy ends.

Anonymous said...

this site will help you with all sorts of possibilities:

newcuriosity said...

I've found one that I really really like. It's a vibrating one. One thing I have found is that because it is a light blue color, the tip is starting to discolor. Is this just because of my diet and not being healthy or just happens? And is there any way to get rid of this discoloration? Thanks for the tips guys. I feel you get better advice from people who have experience instead of random advice sites that you dont know what kind of personal experience someone has had with the problem. Thanks again :)

Anonymous said...

porous plugs will discolor, and theres not a lot to do to fix it, except trying soaking in a 10% bleach solution overnight, then washing very thoroughly in soap and water.
for a more aesthetic and stainless experience, people like glass, silicone, and aluminum or stainless steel. here is a site that might get you excited!
or, a guy site with variable sizes of aluminum plugs:

you can also google "glass butt plug" and see whats out there for you.

not cheap, but stain-free and last for years

newcuriosity said...

I found a smaller plug with the slim end that is for lengthy use :D yay! I have another question about care and stuff. How do you get the smell out?? And how do you avoid the fecal matter issue? I want to work up to anal sex but want to avoid the awkward moment at the end, you know? Any and all advice is much appreciated. Many thanks to Buttpluglover for letting me ask all these questions :)

Anonymous said...

sorry, its called a Lady Alsons handheld shower nozzle. home depot has them.

Anonymous said...

this is for New Curiosity. you can easily clean yourself out and enjoy slippery, clean, enjoyable sex with yourself or someone who cares about you. you can be cleaner that you have ever been. you can perfume yourself down there if you like.

its easy and fast. try this device, which is also available on other websites in a travel version, or you can use the Lady Alsons handheld i referenced above. here is the site for the device:
this is for boys and girls, wherever you want to put it. if your housemate and your housekeeper is in on the game, you can have the kit hanging in your shower. otherwise you might like the anonymity of the handheld Alsons.
the technique is the same. standing in the shower, you relax your ass, and let the warm water go in, hold it as long as you like, then let it all go out and down the drain. do this 4-6 times til you are completely clear. get out of the shower after drying off, and sit on the toilet and see if you let all the water out. then wipe off, and powder or perfume as you wish.
you have never been cleaner. you will smell and feel lovely, and a whole new world of enjoyment awaits you, a taste of which it sounds as tho you have felt already. the warm water will have relaxed your ass and your soul, and you can now enjoy enjoy deep, slippery, guiltfree/anxietyfree penetration to your heart's desire.
dont forget the lube on your ass and on whatever you are putting in there. the japanese pay big bucks for toilets that use warm water and warm drying air every trip to the lav; we can do some of that too!
send a report here if you need more advice. its your body, fresh and clean; enjoy it, and share it with whoever you would like.