Dec 27, 2009

some pics


Anonymous said...

lovely asses both, for sure. need to shave it smooth for maximum elegance tho.

on another note, what happened to sexualadventurer? paying for their site, but doing nothing with it!

Anonymous said...

I don't think smooth is best. I love natural hair on both men and women, esp around the arse (arse is a much better word than ass).

You don't get nervous using glass? I'd be so scared of a bottle smashing up there. That would be a serious problem.

Please take care, and best regards from Paris.

Bran said...

Hello.....I was directed to you by another blogger. She said if anyone knew some good movies or links you would be the guy. I am looking for videos where a guy uses a little jeweled plug on a girl. Popping it in and out of her. Thank you

Buttpluglover said...

Bran, try,, or