Apr 12, 2006

Pics of my favorite toys

I had a thought today, that EVERYONE should be wearing buttplugs. I mean it, everyone. Even if only for a few hours per week, though ideally for many, many hours a week. Guys, it's really simple - buttplugs make your asshole happy and when your asshole is happy, YOU'RE happy. Using a buttplug to loosen yourself up, literally, can make you less tense, less angry, all around more relaxed. And ladies, same goes for you. Guys, a buttplug is intrinsically a feel-good toy for you, if you have a working prostate, so even you straight guys who've never had anything up the butt before should really consider getting yourself a small plug and see how it can elevate your mood. As for the women... hey, ladies, all of you should be wearing a buttplug as often as possible because I guarantee some guy wants to put his thing in your pooper, and it helps for you to have practice with anal entry and a little anal stretching. Oh, sure, i can here you now, "my man doesn't want to do that to me; he says he thinks it's dirty." Uh-huh. Bullshit. A survey was taken of every living male on the earth and it turns out that 1/2 the men - those not repressed by social or moral constraints - eagerly expressed wanting to slide their cock into your backdoor. The other half were just lying.
Now on to today's topic: pics of my toys!

WARNING!!! This is the real deal, no joke, no shit. ('cuz I washed 'em, heehee)

Seriously, while toys tend to retain their "like new" appearance with light use, one's favorite toys tend to show signs of aging. I'm posting these pictures because several commenters asked me to. Note that "signs of aging" means discoloration, OK?

That said...

This is my triple-ripple buttplug. remember I've posted pics of all these toys up my ass in previoius entries; just look through the archives.

This is my 18" double-dildo, which addmitedly, I don't play with that often.

These are King Dong and Buster. I play with King Dong in the shower a lot and often use him to stretch my asshole open to prepare for the Triple Ripple, which is preparation for Buster. King Dong is quite long, about 8".

And here is my favorite, the standard plug, the one that's in my butthole right now. I've had this toy for at least 13 years. Over the years, it has picked up some staining, though I don't remember it doing so during use - it seems to be affected by one of the lubes I've used and then exposure to air oxidized it maybe. I don't know. The discoloration is common to toys and doesn't affect how good it feels. Someday I'll buy a replacement, but haven't found the exact model in quite some time.

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