Sep 10, 2010


Streak broken at day 70. A new record, but the break was beyond my control. Will give it a rest for awhile I think.

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Anonymous said...

Not that you want to get too graphic, but why'd you have to stop? Did you ass lose control? Were you just beyond sore? Chafing? What was the trouble? I would love to see a pic of your hole after 70 epic days!

Anonymous said...

That's a neat time record for 24/7. The longest I've worn the same plug 24/7 is 800 hours (33+ days). It's a nice little NJoy Pure Plug (Large). That's the plug I wear as a place holder whenever I'm not using the space for something else. Since I bought it I've worn it for a total time of 15670 hrs = 652.9 days and counting (I'm wearing it now).

Anonymous said...

Tickleberry and MEO both have designed a butt plug for long term wear. It has a hole down the center allowing for 'gas' and other material to escape as needed, thereby truly allowing long term wear 24/7/365. You would have to wear depends when wearing the plug however since poop can come out when mother nature calls (not to be crude, just practical).

Have you tried one of these plugs? Best of luck!


Buttpluglover said...

So not into plugs with holes in them. Even the ones I have I usually pass gas around them, rather than through them. I would not want the bigger-holed ones at all. Not into diapers.

My trouble in going beyond 70 days was with some emergencies I had to take care of out of state. Too much travel will mess up your plugging schedule.

MadameJ's boo said...

Wow! Sorry to hear that you had to stop after 70 days!

I have been researching long-term butt-plug wearing as instructed by my Mistress and I am really glad to have found your blog. I also hope to eventually have a plug inserted 24/7/365. And while I've only made it to 5 whole days as my longest duration so far, your entries definitely offer some inspiration to keep on plugging.

Anonymous said...

Wish I could be plugged for a whole year ! 365 days would be wonderful. And that on a high fibre diet.

Anonymous said...

I went out at lunch yesterday and bought doc Johnson large booty bling I think I need to buy a different one if want long term wear. The flap on jewel can fold and the plastic jewel will rub.

Have heard good about njoy pure plug but not sure if glad or metal would hurt prostate if sitting at work since silicone and flex a little