Oct 17, 2010

moving forward

Been getting back to extended plugging again. It's getting so that the Tantus Pace is so easy to wear for so long I actually forget its in my ass. At one point today, I was sitting on the floor, left knee up and realized other people could see my butt and that the plug was probably bulging my jeans out. Pretty sure it was. Have to monitor against that.

I've order two new butt-toys, the Tantus Dipper and a cock-ring/anal-plug thing, also from Tantus, I think. They should arrive within the week and then we'll see what's what.


Holly said...

I've started reading your blog recently, it's a shame you don't post as often anymore. I've only recently started plugging my ass for extended periods of time and I absolutely love it and it's great to read about someone elses adventures. Would love to see more!

Anonymous said...

What cock ring/butt plug are you getting? I have a 3 so far and my eyes on another.