May 31, 2010

Travelling assplay

Well, I'm traveling again. This post brought to you by the mid-east. I won't say exactly where, but these pixels are in metric!

Really wishing I'd brought a buttplug, but hard to ge those through security without embarassment anymore. Besides, going internationally, I have no idea if there are penalties or whatnot. So I'm making do with flashlight, as seen in these pics, plus some water bottles and a nice challenging beer bottle. I've slept with the flashlight up my ass for two nights, and tonight will make a third. I did manage to obtain some actual lube, though not my favorite brand, and was amazed and thrilled to take a good-size water bottle in my butt. It really stretched me out, to the maximum, and to a depth that felt like it was touching my heart. I imagined if was a local boy's cock (the local beach scene is full of beautiful men), mercilessly invading my rectum and colon. I came so hard I nearly passed out. Hopefully I can recreate that tonight or tomorrow morning. :)


Anonymous said...

Sooo, you probably get this a lot, I'd like some advice on wearing the plug to bed. See, I'm always worried that the lube'll dry up while I sleep, making removing the plug very painful. I've also heard of guys sleeping with their plug in and then having their ass tighten up while they sleep; they say that they have to ease out the plug the morning after too.

So, were these ever problems for you at first? How did you manage with them? And how did you get over any of these worries?


Anonymous said...

i dont think you will have the sort of "stuck" that you imagine. try lubing and inserting and leaving in for increasing length of time, with lube specificly for ass play that is supposed to last longer, and see if you can, during the day, get up to 6-8 hours, which would mean you can get thru the night.
you might like the Worlds Most Comfortable buttplugs from Mr s leather, or the A bomb if you are ready for that size. great retention of all these plugs, for public wear if desired or just around your house.
keep us posted, and enjoy your body. you are the boss.
next step is a medium size vixskin dildo, which will give you a lovely full feeling. made for harnesses, and have no flare so you need some sort of crotch rope or reverse jock strap to hold them in. very comfortable long term wear.
keep us posted.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tips. I found a previous post from years back with some instructions, so I'll give that a try. I've definitely done about 4 or so hours with this plug, which is still a couple hours short.

I also like the idea of a harness or some sort, but they're too expensive. Any suggestions for alternatives?

Anonymous said...

holding devices are cheap and easy. you can use vinyl clothes line, which is strong and watertight, but put it over your underwear so you dont press into your skin painfully much. or, go to your local outdoors store and buy some nylon web belt, used for mountain climbing. it comes 1" across and in lots of exciting colors. wider might be better for wide plugs, but the edges of the belt going between your ligs would likely chafe.
the basic installation is a waist band, which you put on like a garter belt. knot it to itself at just the desired spot so it sits on your hips and doesnt slide down, or use a large clothes pin and make the waist loop that way. then run the "tail" of the belt between your buns and thru your legs over your plug or your rented cock, and up in front beside your balls, where you safety pin it around the front of the waist band as tight, or as loose, as you like. if you do it loose, when you move or bend over, as when vacuuming or doing wash, you get nicely and gently fucked by the dildo going in and out while you work or wash your car. makes housework very pleasurable indeed.
the clothes line you can just tie to itself, being careful to do so with a half bow so you can get out of it easily and quickly if necessary.
both of these installations are completely invisible under clothes, even tight ones if you pull the crotch part up smack against your anus. dont forget to lube the outside of your anus and the facing part of the flange, if you plan on leaving that sweet cock in for a long trip to the store or the movies. if it gets sticky, it will pull your skin and is unpleasant, not a slippery comfy experience.
you can shop butt-plug harnesses if you like, but they tend to be leather with buckles and not invisibly flat. or you can google "crotch rope" and see how the B+D set uses rope to enwrap your whole pelvis.
or you can buy a child's speedo swimsuit, or a too-small nylon triathlon pants etc which will sort-of hold the item where you want, but it cant be as flush with your anus, and therefore invisible thru clothes, as a rope.

at night, if you are using a butt plug, good ones as i suggested before have enough "shoulder" they stay in on their own. when you move on to rubber cocks, they are either flange-free, which can easily get lost inside, or flanged and without a shoulder. if you have tight underwear, this will work for sleeping, but as soon as you stand up, gravity will tent out your undies in a second.
i hope this is all helpful. i am pleased to be able to share my experience. dont forget a good enema using a handheld shower or shure shot (google or see my post months if not years ago on this blog). poop in the canal will end your run with the dreaded urgency feeling. if you are clean, you can go a very long time.
oh,and you might like your friend to spank you on your trussed little ass now? just enough to get you warmed up. if your friend is you yourself, you are in full control. personally i like my bright purple web belt, and a small cutting board from the kitchen with a paddle-handle, about 5" by 6". spicey, and no black and blue, which by the way last 2.5 weeks to clear.
enjoy yourself! there are more nerves in your ass than anywhere else, except a clitoris, if you have one. if you dont, discovering your ass is a big step forward to enjoying your sexlife. and if you dont come, and just plug, your pleasure can build over days.

send us a report when you get time. may you have the happiest playground in town!

Anonymous said...

not a clothes pin! silly me. a safety pin.