May 14, 2010

sleeping longer with bigger pugs

Lately, I've been wearing my 2" dilator a lot. a LOT. LIke, out and about, at home, shopping, groceries, and especially going to bed with it in. I haven't yet gone for any exercise with it up my ass, except that once a long time ago, but may attempt it again soon; I don't know.

Sleeping with the 2" plug is...amazing. Until it starts to hurt, in which case I'm sometimes able to force myself to relube and put it back in my rectum for the rest of the night. Other nights, I'm too tired and just clean it and put it away and slip the Pace into my ass. I ALWAYS sleep plugged, one way or another. I often exercise with the Pace in my ass - I have no worries with that little guy.

The new trussing system using two Buffs is really working out. They don't stretch out like the headband system did and don't have the hard parts using a belt did. So...much better. And, these can be quickly washed in the sink or in the shower and they dry quickly, too.


Anonymous said...

I have big problems sleeping plugged.
My head just won't let go and I end up having to remove it or I won't sleep.
Any hints or tips?

Anonymous said...

maybe you didnt clean yourself out enough, maybe you didnt lube enough, maybe you forced it in, maybe its too big. you could look into WMC plugs, "world's most comfotable," at Mr S leather online, and in san francisco. different sizes and not a lot of anal dilatation. the size is inside you. if you get one too big, it will feel ok going in well lubed, but will start to sort-of ache after a while,maybe an hour. thats from too much stretch on the rectal wall. so buy a smaller one, or make a homemade, and go at it slower.
good luck and keep us posted. it will get to the point where it is very comfortable, and you will be glad you invested the effort. (and the money. i spent years on household items and buying the real stuff online is just very much more comfortable. if you like dildos, take a look at the vixskin stuff. safe silicone, extremely realistic, and wearable for a long time, even in public or all night.)