Apr 17, 2010

No time anymore

Fuck, there's just no time for anything anymore, much less keeping up with my blog. But I'm not shutting it down; just not posting very much, sorry.

I am, though, keeping up with the buttplugging. Every single night, all night, either my small metal plug or my medium Standard doc johnson plug. Tonight, probably, my largest anal dilator.

I have discovered a new way of retaining the dilator, which has no neck and thus no way to anally clamp down on it: I use two Buffs. Buffs are tube-style things that a lot of people wear as headwwear, neckwarmers, whatever's clever. I slip one through another, such that I have a kind of sumo wrestler diaper thing to put on. Hard to describe. One goes around the waist, the other is the crotch part. Being small, I can manage this, but it is a tight rig - which is good for retaining a fat plug resting in my asshole!

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Anonymous said...

Just found your blog and really enjoy it. Thank you for your insight into plugging.