Feb 11, 2006


Got the G-chat working. You can look for buttpluglover@gmail.com, or BPL for short. Look forward to chatting with some of you! Can't promise I'll be on every night, tho.

I've grown rather fond of my large anal dilator as of late. Getting quite comfortable. Got a plan for wearing my dilators out in public. I need to get some of the small tubes of KY, the portables they make for women with vaginal dryness. And I need some unlubricated condoms. Stuff one or two of the wrapped condoms inside the dilator, cover dilator with another condom. Lube the condom a little bit, just enough, and cap the KY and put it inside the dilator as well. Stuff condom-covered, accoutrement-filled dilator up asshole, put g-string truss on (which will hold the bottomof the condom closed over the bottom of the dilator as well as hold the dilator in), and off we go. Then, when in public, I can simply flush the used condom (assuming public toilets and plumbing are a little more robust than at home), recover, re-lube, re-truss and voila. No fuss, no muss, so to speak. I'll have to test this out soon.

Does anybody know of a good movie that focuses on buttplugs and wearing them, especially out in public?


Klystrina said...

Found your blog tonight, and read every single post. Love it.

In your earlier posts you said you had a large collection of butt toys. Have you ever considered posting photos of -them-? Along with commentary about what is the best time and situation to wear each one. Very educational.

I'd love to have a set of those dilators. I have the next best thing; my lover gently training my anal sphincter when we have a chance. But the appeal of 'wearing' those dilators around the house surely is high! I just wish they had a better/larger flange on the bottom. T-shaped, preferrably.

Perhaps you should offer to design butt plugs. You know what is needed, and what works best in each situation. Better than most sex toys sites!

Anonymous said...

Mmm what a lovely stretch !!
Just wake up after a night with the Bulldozer 3" thick plug up my butt and I am sitting on the Trailer Hitch right now!
WOW this thing is HUGE, love it !!
It's a round 4" wide plug that my wife wanting me to play with it once a day.
When I first started with this thing, it was really difficult. But after six months of regular use, I can ride it now several hours like a wave.

My wife think that I'm ready for some bigger toys, but what ?

Happy butt-play, everyone!

Anonymous said...

Love your blog, and I'm a bit of a newbie to the lifestyle. I'm wondering if anyone can share their suggestions for what kind of lube is good for overnight / long wear of toys....

Buttpluglover said...

I just use regular KY. After some time - maybe an hour or so, the rectal walls begin to absorb the water of the KY. I don't find that a problem, it helps the plug to not slip out. After wearing my plug overnight, it comes out naturally. Your rectum does make a little bit of mucous lubrication, after all - not enough for normal anal play, but enough to keep your plug from sticking, if that's what you fear.

Anonymous said...

Years before I discovered the joys of toys, my wife and I switched away from KY because she didn't like the tacky feeling it left her with after lovemaking. We switched to a flavored hemp based lube ( O My ) as the sex shop clerk suggested that it would help us with getting pregnant.

Its good for nookie and oral sex, but not as good with toys. Tried vaseline, but its a bit messy and I wonder how healthy a petroleum based product is for my long term health.

One tip I found for wearing a toy is to wear swim trunks that have the tight inner lining, works good for holding narrow toys close to the body.

Now if I could only coax my wife into sharing my toy joy, she knows I play, but she finds it repulsive and won't play with me.

Anonymous said...

Semen works perfectly for a "nice slide inside"!