Mar 10, 2006

just saying i'm still here

long time, no blog. way too fucking busy right now to do anything. it's just work work work, come home, stick buttplug up tailpipe, go to bed, wake up, take buttplug out, go to work. wash, rinse, repeat. i've been suffering several colds this winter and that isn't helping my enthusiasm either. can't wait for the warmer weather to arrive. also, had to change my avatar pic - I have been leaving posts on other people's blogs and I think they or their readers might be uncomfortable with a small pic of a buttplugged ass showeing up out of nowhere.

1 comment:

zero lagers said...

Sorry to hear you're out of sorts. Feel free to post on my blog anytime. (I'm still enjoying my inflatable, very much).

And post some more pics!