Apr 22, 2005

normal days

I've spent most of the last three days plugged with the standard plug. While it feels normal and sane to be wearing this plug long-term, there comes a point when I need something that will stretch me just a little more. I slept with the standard pug in last night and wore it all morning, took it out for some exercise today, then shoved it rather roughly back up my butt when I got home. (At this point, my asshole can usually accept the standard plug without hesitation or discomfort of any sort. I can pretty much slam it home, though sometimes I have to be gentler and in those cases, sitting down on it is better than shoving it up my ass.)

So right after dinner tonight, I got out Big Blackie, who hadn't seen the light of day in a week, at least. I lubed up as I usually do and sat on the edge of the tub, allowing my weight to do most of the work. Holding my cheeks apart and stretching my anus with my hands also helps and slowly...slowly...gradually...I could feel my anus open up and engulf the head of the buttplug. *schoop*...and finally I sigh in shear pleasure as one of my favorite buttplugs stretches my ass and finds its proper home in my heinie-hole. It's width is pretty good and except for its shortness, it makes a good subsitute for a cock; it feels like having a well-hung man's cock up the ass.

By the way, for those of you speculating on my orientation, assume nothing. I might be straight, I might be gay, I might be bi. Loving butt play and the feel of having your asshole stretched and stuffed really has little to do with orientation, if any.

I'm creating an Excel file that lists my toys and their various dimensions, materials, and my rating of them. When I find a way to upload it to here, I'll post a link.

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