Apr 19, 2005

An examination of dildos

Ah, what a great afternoon! I spent the night and morning sleeping with my sleeping plug in and awoke refreshed and happy. Now, as I type this, I have my biggest dildo up my ass, just stretching my anus open and testing how much length I can take.

I have several dildos in my collection, which I don't use so much for fucking (though they do get employed for that) as for ass plugging with an emphasis on depth and/or girth.

The advantage to dildos is that because they stretch the inner and outer sphincters to an equal size, the body isn't fooled into thinking it needs to take a shit. If anything, a dildo up the ass feels like one is taking a shit, particularly if you're fucking yourself and the dildo is on te outstroke. But we'll talk about ass-fucking later.

My first dildo was a 14" long 1.25" wide vibrator. It was hard plastic and I was rarely able to take more than six inches of it. That one has gone, but I still have four others. My absolute favorite is one I call Big Blue, and it is the once I consider my sleeping plug. It is sold specifically for anal play -- it has a flared base like a plug, but the body is all dildo -- smooth and straight. The tip is well-shaped for easy entry and the jellee material feels, in my experience, almost exactly like a real cock. It glides up one's ass so easily, the whole experience is a true pleasure. The size is substantial, though not too large -- about 6" x 1.5"

I also have a blue vibrator that has a textured silicone outside that's 8" x 1". Though too long to fit entirely up the butt easily, there is always that danger -- and it has no base to keep it from slipping too far.

My other two dildoes are cocks: one comes from an EZ-Rider kit and measures 1.25" wide and 6" long, down to the balls. It is very comfortable and feels great when I'm fucking myself with it. The other dildo I think of as the Meanie, or King Dong. It tests my limits, being 1.75 at its widest and 7" long to the balls. It has a suction cup base to make self-fucking easier. If I played with it more, perhaps my asshole and rectum would be able to accommodate its hefty proportions more easily, and I could graduate to even bigger toys.

But one thing at a time. The biggest barrier to larger toys is a natural built-in "stop" at the end of the recturm, where another sphincter transitions into the large intestine, I believe. This can be pushed through, but that will cause some pain. It is this natural barrier that causes anal sex to be painful for a lot of people -- men with short, thin cocks can console themselves by the fact that they're far more likely to talk their partner into anal sex than guys with long, thick weaponry.

I have found a way to overcome this barrier without force -- time! I discovered this fifteen years ago. I was enjoying a weekend alone in my dorm room, my roommate having gone away for the weekend and was leisurely fucking myself up the ass with the aforementioned hard plastic vibrator. I laid out on my bed in the afternoon sunshine and -- fell asleep. Several hours later, I woke up, still with my vibrator embedded in my ass. Somehow, it felt more comfortable than before. Gingerly, I tested and pushed to see if it would go in any further than previously -- and gradually I slid the entire fourteen inches up my ass!!

These days, I find that Big Blue causes some marginal discomfort when first inserted if I try to push it in all the way, so I push it in as far as is comfortable, strap it in place (more on dildo harnessing later) and go to bed. Within a few hours -- and certainly by next morning -- I am easily able to take the rest of it up my ass and have even pushed the entire object into my ass, holding on to the base. Wild!

This morning, I leisurely laid around with Big Blue in my rectum, enjoying the stretch it puts on my anus and its all around comfort, then I finally took it out about half an hour ago and took a dump. Then, testing to see if i could still take the depth of it, I experimented with my blue vibrator and found that I was able to take about seven or eight inches easily. So, going for a real training session, I slowly eased the Meanie through my asshole and up into my recturm. I have taken it balls-deep and sit now, typing this blog entry, with it lodged in my butt, balls pressed against my own, held in by my trussing system.

I have to go meet some people at 7:30 tonight and have some work to do in my home office today. I plan to eat some breakfast and take a shower, then get to work. I will keep the Meanie up my ass at least through breakfast and possibly through the shower. I will have to change to a toy without balls to get some work done this afternoon and then will consider one of my buttplugs proper for my trip into town. We'll see how my asshole feels and what I'm able to hold in with minimal help from straps. For certain, though, I'm going to spend all day plugged, which will take me well over 36 hours by the time I go to bed again.


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Calculating Infinity said...

I saw a video of a woman who put a double ended dildo up her butt it was longer than 14 inches it had to be around 20 inches. I know that I have been past that barrier. I have sank toys as much as at least 10 inches into my ass and it feels so good to open up your large intestine!