Apr 19, 2005

Happy evening

I took a shower late today and decided mid-shower that I'd proceed to work with a buttplug up my ass tonight. Knowing I'd be there for some time, with no private restroom, and in close proximity with people who know me well and would probably have close-up views of my tightly jean-clad ass, I chose my most unobtrusive plug, the ComfortPlug. As I've noted, this plug was expressly built for long-term wearability.

After a whole night and morning without anything in my butt, and a very painful workout, sliding the bulge of the ComfortPlug past my sphincter was a warm and satisfying experience. As it slid home and seated itself, I noted again how easily worn the ComfortPlug is. In fact, by the time I'd made the trip to work, I'd completely forgotten I was wearing. Now and then, when I changed seats or moved around, I'd be pleasantly reminded. Even after work, during some socializing and an hour spent chatting with a coworker at her car, having my plug in was so very pleasant in a nearly-non-intrusive kind of way.

I got home just a few minutes ago, and changed up for the Standby. Longer, thicker, still comfortable, particularly sitting on the couch typing up a blog entry. Tonight might be a fullly plugged night.

I find it interesting that I've grown so used to buttplugs being a normal part of daily wear -- or at least a portion of the day's wear -- that I often have one or more buttplugs sitting out on the counter in the bathroom air-drying. As I live alone, this wouldn't bother me in the slightest, except that I know my landlord enters my apartment unannounced when I'm gone. I know this because she moves things around, like scotting my doorstops against the wall and whatnot. It is reasonable that she sometimes uses my bathroom. I have a remarkably clean bathroom for a man -- bare porcelain everywhere, all toiletries put away in the cabinet with only a single pump of hand-soap on the sink to even indicate someone lives here. Except for air-drying anal toys, that is. If my landlord has been confronted by these, she hasn't said anything. After all, I'm a good tenant and the rent comes on time -- why should she make a fuss?

Hey, maybe I should get a few items from eroticglassart.com and spread them about the house?

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