Apr 16, 2005

A little about my history and my "starting lineup"

I've been putting things in my ass ever since I can remember. Yes, even since I was five, at least. My whole childhood, I kept an eye out for the next thing to try in my asshole and see how it feels. I don't think it was sexually motivated at first -- though sex games eventually crept in -- much like most of my use of buttplugs isn't sexual now.

I dinstincly remember using up way too many Q-tips a few times when I was seven, pushing them one-at-a-time into my asshole, side-by-side, to see how many I could fit. Looking in my parents full-length mirror, I like the way the heads of the q-tips protruding from my anus looked a little like a flower. Even at that age, the link between plugging and anal stretching was firmly planted. (As opposed to plugging in order to have a feeling of fullness, which is the primary motivation for many people.)

Later one, perhaps by the time I was nine, I remember playing sex games with the neighbor children and clearly remember having anal sex several times with another little boy who lived a few houses away. I'd put my thing in his butthole and he'd put his thing in mine. Either way, it felt like heaven to me. (I didn't manage to talk the girls into this.) That all ended a couple years later when he informed me that such activities were "gay". I had no idea what the word meant.

My anus filling adventures have continued to this day. It is only within the last three or four years that I've graduated to working on being buttplugged all day every day. More on this later.

My lineup of toys currently includes a wide range. A visit to any sex shop, either in real life or online, will present the shopper with a confusing array of toys intended for the butt. In fact, the prevelance of butt-toys makes me believe that there have to be thousands of people with my particular lifestyle kink, as well as millions of people having a great time in the bedroom. After all, there's nothing wrong with anal play, especially with careful attention to sanitation, which you should be doing anyway.

My oldest toy is one of my standards and I've had it for about fifteen years. I purchased it not long after I became old enough to walk into a sex-shop and buying it was, for me, the point-of-no-return. It is a beige-colored plug, 6" long overall, with a bulge width of 1.5" and a neck width of 1". The shape is very comfortable, though sometimes it feels a little long. The base is round, and I have an issue with that, as my skin can get pinched too easily by it. It has a silicone core, with a durable, more plastic, outer covering that cleans very easily. I like this plug a lot because its a perfect medium size (width) and I can wear it for hours and hours. I call this one my Old Standby.

However, the neck and bulge differential isn't enough for it to stay in me as I walk around IF I've previously been fucking myself with a dildo. I get too loose and then can't create enough natural "grip" to keep it in.

So one of my next purchases (a few years later) was a small one called the ComfortPlug. This is a real little beauty, fashioned specifically to be very comfortable for a very long time. It has a definite bulg, but a thin, longer neck, so that the two sphincters of the anus aren't fooled into a feeling of fullness (and thus always needing to take a shit). The neck is maybe a 1/2" across while the bulge is a bout an inch and a quarter. The base is long and narrow, fitting neatly between my legs and even has little pull handles built in, which can be a helpful feature. More importantly, it has a channel drilled down the center for voiding gas -- a BIG plus if one eats the wrong food. (This can be noisy, though...so I don't wear this one at work.) Finally, the material is a nice firm rubber without too much give, but not hard as a rock, either. I'll always refer to this one as the ComfortPlug in succeeding entries.

The plug I reach for the most, including usually during/post shower and for movie watching, is Big Blackie. She's not actually all that big; just wide. She's shaped like a very round doorknow, with the bulge stretching me open two and a half inches before narrowing down to a neck of 1 1/2". While not long, this one is of a good anus-stretching neck width and is soft black rubber. It is a little difficult to get in, though practice teaches you to bear down while inserting any plug so that it will go in easier. Big Blackie is, in fact, the buttplug I'm wearing right now.

I have a single vibrating plug, a common one that's of red jelee with a bullet vibrator lodged in the midddle. This plug has a very nice tip, allowing easy entry, though the main body is a challenging series of ribs that go all the way down to the base. This is not a plug to be worn while walking around, though with good anal grip, I can -- the ridges help. It is very soft and feels wonderful in my asshole -- particularly on medium vibe. I often use this one to loosen me up for a dildo fucking session or to return to a larger plug after an extended period of small plugs.

I also own a very expensive clear glass buttplug that is my second biggest. It is 2 1/2" at its widest. This plug can easily be worn walking around the house, but never outside -- the base is enormous and, being glass, the whole thing is rigid. It is made optically correct and by viewing through the base, one's insides can be examined quite easily.

My biggest buttplug is one related to Big Blackie, though 50% bigger. It is over 3" across and I cannot get it in my asshole -- my pelvis simply isn't wide enough. Perhaps someday I'll be able to take this one, but not right now. I keep it as a reminder of what could be.

I also have a slew of dildo-style butt-toys, which I will cover in another post.

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