May 2, 2005

72 hours can be a lifetime

Imagine, if you will, a man going on a journey beyond sight and sound. A journey to upstate NY, without his beloved toys and without chance of anal stimulation of any kind. He has entered the Twilight Zone!

Or so it seemed like it. Faced with a weekend in upstate New York with friends, involving plane rides, car rides, sleeping on their couch, etc -- basically a situation that offers little to no privacy -- Your Fair Hero -- Buttpluglover -- had no recourse but to call for a car to take him to the airport, reluctantly expel Big Blackie from his ass, clean her up, and store her in the bathroom cabinet, knowing that -- with 100% chance of being bored at times and 0% chance of having his asshole stuffed (they're not that kind of friends!) -- he would be hungry all weekend. You know the kind of hungry he means.

And everywhere he turned it seemed there were objects that reminded him of his toy collection or which would have made spiffy new toys -- if only he could. There was his friend's can of Axe Effect body spray; the exact same item Buttpluglover has often shoved up his own ass. At precisely 2.1" in diameter and with straight sides, the can is a very effective anal stretching tool, as both sphincters (the inner and outer sets of muscle of the anus) get stretched to the same degree and it is significantly wider than Big Blue. Once inserted, it is extremely comfortable, though has to be held in and its important not to lose it inside the rectum.

Said friend had several suggestively shaped bottles of shampoo or condition or body lotion... had knobs on their bedposts that would not only serve as great anchors for ropes, but would also be a delightful challenge to sit upon. The collectionof cooking utensils, all with those fat black handles (which feel wonderful up the ass if one wraps them with a condom first). Buttpluglover even noted a wire whisk which, wrapped in a condom or two, would make an interesting night's play -- he'll have to find that particular brand of whisk and try it!

So imagine Buttpluglover's relief to finally get on the plane for home -- and his regret he didn't think to bring at least the Comfortplug in his toiletries for insertion on the plane. Finally, finally at home, Buttpluglover shut the windows to the rain, lowered the shades, cranked up the heat, phoned for take-out, and went to the bathroom. After the necesseties of life were taken care of, Buttpluglover got out the standard, lubed up his asshole and his buttplug and finally finally finally slowly sat down upon what his hungry, horny butthole had needed for three days -- a solid lump of silicone embedded in his ass. Now he feels complete. Now he feels whole and fulfilled. Buttpluglover will probably sleep with Big Blue up his butt tonight.

He will probably, also, order a new toy tonight. He has been wanting a new, long dildo of good girth to insert for sleeping -- one that will be just a touch wider than Big Blue, but twice as long, with the intention of finding out how far he can get something up his ass when his body is fully relaxed. He has some theories about how the opening at the other end of the rectum works and why its so easy to shove the entire length of his longest dildos up his ass only in the mornings.

Buttpluglover is also still working on the spreadsheet of all of his toys, noting sizes and other vital data. Just haven't had time to finish it or figure out how to anonymously host a pdf of it.


Anonymous said...

Question: where does one find a site that sells Comfortplug?

Buttpluglover said...

I don't find them for sale much anymore. I sometimes run across them in the stores, but never online. Sorry.

roarke said...

Maybe ComfortPlugs weren't being advertised on the net for a while, but they're back now. This is just one of many links:
Buttpluglover, sorry you stopped writing on your site, which I just discovered. Would have loved to talk with you about our mutual interest (I've been plugging for about 10 years).