May 4, 2005

Going to the movies

If you're going to go to the movies wearing, there are a few things to keep in mind.

First, which plug you choose makes a huge difference in the quality of the experience. Perhaps you choose a smaller, comfortable plug, but one that will stay put, so that there's not too much sitting discomfort, if any. Or perhaps you go for one of your larger toys, since you're not moving around so much, and the constant penetration and stretching -- the constant reminder that you have something up your ass the people around you don't -- is the thrill factor. Perhaps a measure of discomfort is exactly what you want.

Tonight, I wore Big Blackie (which I think I will rename "Buster" from now on). Big Blackie hasn't been up my butt for longer than thirty minutes in a couple of weeks. It was uncomfortable at first -- a little bit of masturbation usually helps the comfort factor -- and later settled in very nicely.

It is worth noting that when I haven't used a large plug for a while, some de-training of the sphincter occurs. Contrary to uninformed belief, using buttplugs doesn't "stretch you out" permanently or "ruin you". The anus is a very flexible, stretchy, powerful set of muscles. While you may still be able to use small and medium plugs as you normally would, the larger plug, after a vacation of a couple of weeks, will be more difficult to take. Your butt just needs to get used to it.

An interesting effect of having part of one's mind constantly focused on one's asshole during a movie is that you actually end up paying attention to the movie closer than you might otherwise have. You don't become "lulled" by the movie and consequently, its easier to remember details of the film.

Also, some assurances that the plug will stay put might be in order. When I go to the movies, no matter which plug I use, I go out "trussed." The term is a misnomer, but its the best I've got for my homemade insurance that my plugs will stay put. Basically, the truss is a long cord, pre-tied so that along its doubled length there's a large, loose overhand knot at one end, a series of two or three small overhand knots a few inches apart after that, and then 18 inches or so of loose length. The loop end goes over my cock and balls and gets tightened slightly (sometimes more snugly). The cord then passes between my legs, up against the base of the buttplug, then up my crack, where a knot at about the top of my asscrack allows the remaining paired cords to diverge. These wrap around my hips. One end is passed through the top of the loop that's around my cock and balls, and then tied to the other end with a snug over-hand knot. Pictures will certainly help in explaining this. Suffice it to say, this makes a very secure way of ensuring continued plug-ness of anus. Sometimes, to bring in an element of cock-binding, I add a sock to this setup, which serves to imprison my cock and balls, pad the cord from chafing, and can help soak up any extra lube before my underwear do. I won't try to describe how it's put on -- I'll just take some pictures at a later date.

Anyway, movie tonight: B, made an A- by having Buster in my ass. Once I got home, I gave my ass a brief break, and Buster is back in place until bedtime at least, at which point, we may go to Big Blue.

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