May 24, 2005

First impressions of my two new toys

Oh, God, this feels great!

Right now, dear Reader, I have a Colt Explorer, which arrived in the mail a few days ago, up my ass. I can't quite describe how wonderful the Colt feels. I just want to jerk off with it up my ass all night!

The Colt is a very solid, rather heavy ass toy. At an advertised 2" wide and 10" long, it is also one of my bigger toys. The material is a very good silicone rubber and feels wonderful to the touch and to the rectum. This is mostly a straight-sided toy and so my ass feels very much like it's got a large cock up inside. I can't take the whole length yet - that will take time - but have about 6 1/2" up my hungry little asshole and the material is flexible enough that by bending the remaining length forward I can comfortably sit.

It also has somewhat frictive properties, such that at first, my ass could hold on to it without help. But now that I'm loosened up a bit and more lubricated, it very slowly pulls itself out of my butt. More on this toy later.

If I cum now, I won't get to the other toy. So I better go pull the Colt out of my ass and try out the Translucence 18" double dong.
Okay, the double dong was also fantastic, but I think I should have started with it tonight. It is not as wide as the Explorer, but slides easier. In fact, getting a grip on it firm enough to force it past my sphincter was tricky. Again, I can't take it very deep, but I'll be working on that -- that's why I bought it after all. No danger of losing it inside me, though!

Both toys are hygenically superior - the material is extremely smooth and closed-pore, so after a good cleansing, there aren't any germs hiding in nooks and crannies. They also have good firmness while also having good give. Quite a quality pair, these two toys.

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