May 11, 2005

got the 24, now for the 7?

Well, I've had a buttplug in for about 26 hours now, including overnight last night and all day today. Spent the day working in my yard and out front on my vehicle, took a walk to a couple of auto parts stores, grocery, etc. It was really a very nice day and it felt good to be out with only jeans and a t-shirt on -- and of course my buttplug.

For most of this time, I've been wearing the standard plug, which has become very comfortable for long-term wear. My ass is used to it enough that I can sneak gas past the neck, a skill which takes some practice, let me tell you! (If there's a problem with long-term wear, its gas build-up.) A couple of hours ago, I switched to Buster and that, too, was very comfortable. I just took a shower and played around with a couple different toys to stretch my ass out a bit, then put Big Blue in and left her there. After drying off and putting on my string harness, I've put on some PJs and am now cooking dinner. I must admit to a little thrill going outside to light the grill in pajamas and a buttplug, especially the big blue buttplug, which makes me aware of every step.

Big Blue has been adversarial lately. A couple months ago, it was my most comfortable plug, but lately, it stings a bit when its in all the way and I haven't been able to wear her for more than a half-hour at a time. Well, I think I've finally got that conquered -- I theorize that I didn't rinse all the soap off after the last couple of uses and soap DOES sting! So here I sit with Big Blue snugly up my butt while I wait for the grill to warm up. I got a nice big t-bone and some spuds. If I don't watch out, I'm going to get fat. NOT! Getting fat would only make taking pictures of my plugged asshole for my fans more difficult.

My plan is to sleep tonight with Big Blue up my butt and we'll see what happens from there. My hope is to break my record of 72 continuous hours. Why not a week? I'm going out for exercise, but figure I'll use the Comfortplug. I've done it before -- I think its time to start training my ass to wear a buttplug during all exercise. If I'm ever going to achieve 24/7, I've got to work at it!

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