May 22, 2005


Hello dear Reader.

Well, a couple weeks have passed since Buttpluglover's last entry, and he apologizes. To make it up to you, Buttpluglover offers up this great cartoon he found on the web:

A couple of days ago, the UPS man happened to catch Buttpluglover at home and handed over a rather large box. It had no company name on the shipping label, on "shipping department." Buttpluglover surmised that this package must contain his much-anticipated new toys and he was right!

One of the new toys is a Colt Explorer. This toy is a little larger than Buttpluglover supposed it would be, even given the advertised dimensions. But he also knows it will fit in his ass, as he's able to get his acrylic buttplug in and out fairly easily and often uses an aluminum baseball bat - the thick end - as a dildo. Just looking at the Colt Explorer makes Buttpluglover cream his jeans. This is gonna be challenging, but fun! (Butt-fun?)

The other new toy accounts for the rather large size of the box. The Translucence 18" smooth double dildo is truly as long as advertised! This is the toy Buttpluglover ordered in order to begin testing how deep his ass can take it, particularly when his ass is receptive to deep exploration in the morning. He hopes to get a chance to play with his new toys tonight; his cock twitches with excitement at the thought of getting his ass filled again. (Though last week was spent with the standard plug in his ass most of the time, Buttpluglover was forced to take some time off this week and he looks forward to getting his anus stretched open again.)

Reviews to follow soon!

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