Jun 27, 2005

Ten Good Reasons To Wear A Buttplug

10. Be the first person in your neighborhood to get on the bandwagon with 2063's newest fashion trend.
9. A happy anus makes for a happy person.
8. Makes you realize your husband's dick isn't as big as it looks.
7. Prevents hemmorhoids.
6. Prepares you for that upcoming colo-rectal exam.
5. Helps squash your fear of intimacy. (Might increase your fear of being naked in public.)
4. Makes Star Wars III less painful.
3. That nice full feeling...all day long.
2. Everyone loves having a dirty little secret.
1. If it feels good, do it!


Latex Ninja said...

Butt plugs prevent hemmorhoids?

Anonymous said...

Just found your blog, and must say I'm in love!

Have to agree with number 9 on your list...I'm never happier than I am with a plug.