Jun 12, 2011

New toys coming

I'm curating my porn collection today a little bit. Lots of deleting, some sorting. Hard not to continually masturbate while I do. :)

Spend a good portion of yesterday wearing the large anal dilator and slept last night with the honey dipper in my ass. Per usual.

I've ordered a couple new cock toys. Will post pics once they come in.

I've also asked a fabricator for a big on an acrylic plug I've designed, currently code-named the Mark I. Not terribly original, I know. If I get that made and tested, I may move on to having the other 2 models (varying in size and neck taper) crafted, too. And IF the relationship works out between the fabricator and myself, I may start offering these models for sale.


Anonymous said...


do you usually use a lube?
if so may i ask which one?


Buttpluglover said...

Simple KY jelly for me. Don't need much.

McLellan.Gavin said...
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McLellan.Gavin said...

Maintaining the "collection" of video is daunting. I have some 7300 vids (that's down from the 10000 as I get rid of the lower res videos from the late 90's and early 2000's). Do you use any process in organizing them? Any special applications or do you just put them into different folders (i.e. Straight, Gay, Lesbian, couple, amateur, etc)?

Anonymous said...

after reading all of your blog i resumed buttplugging and now, as i type this comment, i have a 7 1/2 inch cock-shaped buttplug firmly all the way up my ass.
it feels fantastic!
thank you for making me re-discover the pleasures of buttplugging.
i'll try and stay plugged as long as i can today (hopefully through the night)

Buttpluglover said...

That's great, Anonymous, but remember that your body knows its own limits. A cock, vib, dildo, or plug up the ass is the pinacle of happiness; but be sure to play safe.

Anonymous said...

I'll be really interested to see what cock toys you get. I saw two very interesting ones for sale recently, at http://www.mr-s-leather.com/M014/silicone-sounds.html and http://www.mr-s-leather.com/M068/tool-bit-dick-snake.html. (Don't forget to watch the movies of the nice models installing these toys in their penises.) I haven't bought either one yet because they are pricy and I would really want to get just the right size to go *all* the way in.