Jun 17, 2011


Relaxing after a hard day at work. I usually love what I do, but not today. Too much pressure; incompetent "assistants". Spend more time explaining to them WHAT and HOW to do than getting my own work done. And, you know what? You may be an hourly employee, I don't give a shit - a deadline is a deadline and we all have to pull together. Fucking slackers.

Sorry. Forget all that. I'm at least at home, relaxing, doing what I do to relax. Mindless mass entertainment on the boob tube, freshly showered, drink in hand, buttplug in ass, cock in hand, and blowing off everything and everyone else. Fuck 'em all.


Anonymous said...

Hi.. Just found our blog. Quite good stuff. I think you have most of us pretty well beat though. I'm about 50 and have been into anal, one way or the other, since I was... since I can remember. Anyway... this is all a learning curve... all sex based stuff is, and I often wonder to myself what ridiculouus sexual path my brain will take me down next, or what more could there possibly be to discover...... and the best bit is .......there's always something.

One thing we anals are always wondering about (i guess you all think about it too), is how to get yourself cleaned up inside with the minimum of fuss proior to a session. Here is what I have recently taken up doing... Take a dump.....get in the shower and fill a 1 litre (quart) plastic milk bottle wiith warm water ( where I'm from 1 litre bottle has a nice wide neck)....squat down over bottle so as it is against ass.....squeeze plastic sides to inject water. Ass will open a little and allow bottle neck in... then you can just flex bottle sides to make water rush in and out of ass, washing you all the while. Remove bottle,,, tip contents in toilet.... Repeat process. Usually after second time you are quite clean. Its not a deep cleanse, but sufficient for you to have an ass session without any serious mess. Happy plugging.
G. Australia.

Anonymous said...

a hand-held shower nozzle is a lot less hassle, just standing in the shower. but yes, being really slippery and clean is the key, then all sorts of lubricated things can slide.

can you get a bottle into your ass, small end first? fill the bottle with warm water leaving a little air so the bottle gives some like a dick, screw the top on real tight so the bottle doesnt collapse in the process, lube it and your ass up real good, and see if you can accept it. there is less resistance to things going in my ass if i am on my knees and have my chest on the floor and my ass in the air. try a gentle slow circular motion with the head of the bottle to keep the lube spread around. some people put a condom over the bottle, top end first, to smooth the insertion out a bit more. but latex isnt real slippery, and i dont like this technique.
be careful not to lose the bottle all the way in!

full report please. enjoy your self.

McLellan.Gavin said...

Your comments about assistants reminds me of working in a telco.

Anonymous said...

All those who adore anal sex and play can understand how much it is difficult leaving your ass empty for a long time, well I'm one of those, has a spoiling ass and do my best to meet my desires, it is something like how smokers need nicotine.

Anonymous said...

You need to read the OZ Principle...A** Hole