Aug 9, 2006

wow, long time!

God, it's been such a long time since I've posted! And such milestones in the meantime: 72 hour plug... going to work all day with the Purple Pucker in my ass... passing through airport security with my buttplug in my carry-on (and yes it got noticed!)... my first all-nighter with my largest anal dilator... etc.

But, I've been incredibly busy lately, too; I'm in the middle of moving; fortunately, I'm doing most of the moving by myself, so I can stay plugged while doing it. :)

Airport security: you should have seen the raised eyebrows and surreptisious glances my way. The monitor guard even called another guard over. I just acted like I had no idea what they were looking at and went on my way. Then I used the first public restroom to slide that puppy up my butt for the two flights home. :) I am trying to work up the nerve to actually leave the hotel plugged and go through the metal detector plugged. The silicon plug shouldn't set it off... but still. Nervous is nervous.


Anonymous said...

Love the airport scenario! I have to say I get an extraordinary rush going through airport security with a plug (rubber) up my ass... and leaving it in for the entire trip!!! I highly recommend it!

Teressa said...

I had also a great 3 hours flight back home without security problems, just put it once out at the plaine's WC to control everything's right

Anonymous said...

Amazing... I've never had the guts to go through security with a plug in my carry-on (or in my butt, for that matter), despite how tempted I've been to wear a plug for long, trans-continental flights. My hat's off to you all. ;)