Aug 20, 2006

a week away; things on the web

I've been away from home for a week on business. Didn't have much chance for buttplugging; too bad. Due to the increased security restrictions at the airport, I didn't want to chance smuggling any KY with my carryon, so I didn't go through the airports buttplugged. Maybe next time I'll try a very small tube. And while I was in business meetings, it was just all so much work and I was so tired, I didn't do much buttplugging at all except for a couple hours a night in the hotel room.

But I'm back and very happily sitting on my biggest anal dilator. I've learned how to keep the dilator in my ass without it slipping out for longer and longer periods of time. If I'm sleeping, I can keep a dilator in indefiniately without having to hold it in place. I LOVE being able to insert my fingers up inside my ass in the hollow of the dilators; it's freaky.

Since I'm taking the day off from ALL my responsibilities, I've madeit my goal to cum four or five times today. Surf for buttplug porn, cum, start all over again, who knows what. I think if I'm going to be dedicated to the buttplug lifestyle, I'm going to have to really get serious this week about sleeping plugged full-time once again.

Some nice things on the web today, though not all related to buttplugs.

Lesbian comics
an interesting foreign comic panel
German how-to for anal sex. Gotta love the germans.
first time I've ever seen a pictorial of someone taking a buttplug and then getting dressed

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