Jun 28, 2006

I need a hidey-hole

Hiney-hole? Check. Hidey-hole? Uh....

My landlord will be showing my apartment to potential new renters in the next couple of months. All my toys are currently stashed beneath my bathroom sink. This means they're not particularly hidden. I am thinking of getting a nice little wooden box or something; something with a lock. Don't want prying eyes discovering my small mushroom forrest of dildos, buttplugs, and vibrators - "Excuse me, but does the apartment come with the buttplugs?"

More to the point, what happens when I bring a new girlfriend or boyfriend home for the first time? "Hey, you have a really nice place here; and the bathroom is so clea---AAAAHHHHH! What the fuck?? You're some kinda freak!"

yeah, I need a lock box.

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