Jun 22, 2006

a little hole stretch

Well, I seem to have worn my standard buttplug out. Yes, the mighty compressive forces of my awesome anus and rectum have compressed the inner material of the buttplug to where it has separated from the outer material and is about half the diameter of the outer material - the core just rattles around inside. So much for that - apparently it takes about 10 years to wear out a Doc Johnson buttplug.

So for the last couple of weeks, I've been wearing either my newest plug - the Purple Pucker - or one of my anal dilators. Last night it was a dilator. Not the biggest one, but two sizes down from that. If I wear the biggest one all night, my asshole gets really bruised, but the medium size is nice and comfortable. Last night I didn't use a harness to hold it in (keep in mind the anal dilators have a flange, but no neck - they're more like dildos); I just slid it in and went to bed. It stayed in my ass by itself most of the night, though about four in the morning, I discovered I'd lost it. I retrieved it in the morning (clean, by the way).

A little eyecandy; is this not the most perfect ass & pussy you've ever seen?

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Paul said...

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