Mar 7, 2007

okay, so maybe I WON'T try going through airport screening with a buttplug up my ass


Anonymous said...

thanks for posting! i will definately think twice about plugging and traveling

plugfan said...

Any more updates of your buttplug adventures coming to this blog? I miss the frequent updates.

I just increased my plug collection by 3, i'll post a link to a picture of them in your comments soon.

Anonymous said...


Too bad this link is broken. It looked interesting. Say, what do you recommend for traveling. I thought I saw something you wrote about a toothbrush holder, but I can't find it. I was thinking of wearing my little silicon plug through the x-ray machine thinking that TSA wouldn't see it. Any thoughts?

Thanks so much for this blog. I love it.

Anonymous said...

Iraqi TSA Butt Plug incident.