Jun 9, 2007

What's in YOUR medicine cabinet?


plugfan said...

Not exactly stored in my medicine cabinet, but hidden in the house somewhere. Here are a couple of pictures of my collection so far:


I really enjoy my butt plugs, but I'm thinking of also going for a nice fat and long dildo with a suction cup so I can fuck myself also.

Keep on plugging!

zero lagers said...

I'm way ahead of you, plugfan. I bought a huge dildo ( with suction cup base) last December.

I feel like such a bitch when I'm on it:

(I apologize for its messy appearance - I like to keep it dirty (the natural ass stink covers the plastic smell).

plugfan said...

dude, that's pretty dirty... each to their own though.

Anonymous said...

What an impressive collection! I'm looking to invest in a long term wear plug. Most that I find, like the njoy have an extremely narrow neck, which doesn't fulfill my desire to be stretched. Do you know of any plugs that might fulfill that stretching need? Also, what is the name of the rounded ball like plug? I have a feeling that is what I'm looking for.