Dec 20, 2008

Oh GOD!!!!

Time is passing so fast. I've been so, so, so incredibly busy; it's not even funny. So little time for plugging, and no time for posting. Please don't give up on me.

Some news:

- I am responding finally to a backlog of emails and blog comments.
- I have hinted in the past that I started running. Well, many many many months down the line, I did the big thing: I ran a marathon this last fall. And I don't think I'll ever do that again.
- I found a few of my toys destroyed. Two of them had melted together, somehow. One of them was clearly very inferior. The other, sadly, was Buster, one of my favorite ultra-stretch buttplugs. :( A couple of other toys had to go, too, as their material had simply deteriorated into a sticky mess over time. So listen: take it from me, silicon is the winner in "lasts over time" game. Acrylic, glass, and metal are good, too, but many plastics and most
- I bought two new toys tonight! I will try to take some pics soon and post. For this, I visited Babeland in Soho, which I do not hesitate in recommending. The selection is not enormous, but is high quality. They do not sell junk there, folks. Consider it the Apple store of adult toy shops. And if you go there, tell them ButtPlugLover sent you. They'll have no idea what the hell you're talking about, but it's always nice to know about referrals.


Liz said...

Sorry to hear about your toys melting... bumm-er. BTW, anything but pure, 100% silicone deteriorates over time. silicone composites last longer than their rubber or vinyl competitors, but still degrade eventually, especially if you use silicone-based lube (which, interestingly, does not melt pure silicone toys, contrary to the popular belief).

that's why I'm in love with Tantus, because all their products are platinum-grade pure silicone.

blinke said...

Taliking about Tantus, im thinking of buying a new toy for my self in this X-Mas and for what i've read Tantus Severin (large) seems to be the choice.

Is anyone experienced with that one?

gaymont22 said...

doesn't buttpluglover have a tantus? I'm in the market for a new plug too, something i can keep in for awhile.

Welcome back pluglover, we love hearing from you !

blinke said...

i've read some nice things about that tantus.

If you're looking for a new one remember to stop by and tell us about it when you buy it

max said...

Learn about severin over a year ago here, its fantastic ! can't have enough of it

Anonymous said...

You got the medium or the big one? both seem so much delicious hehe