Mar 30, 2015

Hello again; and introducing -- Boosty!


It's me.  I'm back.

I was a long time gone; my apologies to my followers.  I wouldn't be surprised if you'd thought I'd died or something.  Well, I almost did.  And recovering from that incident has taken a very, very long time.  Only recently have I been able to start being my old self again, feeling the love, letting my asshole feel the get the picture.

Lately, I've been plugging almost exclusively with this little bad boy:

This is the Boosty, made by the Fun Factory.  I got him at Babeland.  I think this is one of the most intriguing plugs in recent years.  It's made of excellent quality silicone, so cleanup and sterilization is easy, the base is super comfortable (yes, that's really a t-shape), and once you can get your anus to open up for the first knob (which is sometimes difficult) then the rest goes in with a nice sensation.  You can wear it with it pointing toward your prostate or g-spot or away.  All's good.

This plug is so comfortable that I forget I'm wearing it.  I can pass gas around it fairly easily, I sleep with it in, and can bicycle and even jog while wearing it.  There's no danger of it dropping out and because the base is so tucked up in between your cheeks, no danger of it being discovered; unless you choose to wear tights or LuLuLemon yoga pants and bend over.  In that case, you're on your own. But even skinny jeans don't reveal the Boosty's base.

There are some other toys with equally high-quality silicone by Fun Factory and Lelo that I want to try.  That will have to wait 'til after the tax refund comes in are expensive!  That said, Boosty is $34, so while it is more expensive and better quality than the plugs your interstate truck-stop sex shop carries (you know what I'm talking about), it's nowhere near the cost of some of the really good toys out there, especially ones by Lelo.  Shit, there are hundreds of plugs out there that are cheaply made out of bad materials and sold for more than the Boosty.  Those would be rip-offs.  Do yourself a favor and save up a bit for quality toys.  They last longer and treat your ass better.  Stay away from cheap shit.

One last word before I go.  If you don't already have a "cleaner" - a buddy that will remove your porn collection and toys from your house before your family finds them - then GET ONE.  Make it a mutual pact.  Agree on parameters; i.e. when to take action, where house keys are to be kept; erase a hard drive versus removing it and storing it offsite.  Dumping toys in the trash versus storing them at a friend's house; that kind of thing.  Take it from me: the system works!


Anonymous said...

Hi buttpluglover! i'm very glad you're back! in this months i'd check occasionally the blog, which is very important for me. Keep posting! bye!

Anonymous said...

Glad you back bro. Your posts definitely inspired me to get into anal play, even though I am a straight dude. I just cannot get enough of having my ass fucked with dildos and plugs. I get hard as a rock just thinking about having that 9 inch dildo up my hungry hole. I even have improved orgasms even with normal PIV sex and jerking without a dildo in my ass. Anyway hope you are getting off just as much.

Quirky_corks said...

So glad to see you back. Really missed your posts.

Quirky_corks said...

So glad to see you back. Really missed your posts.

Anonymous said...

Glad you're back!

Anonymous said...

Nice to have you back! Hope your "clean up buddy" did a good job. Were you plugged at the time of incident?

Anonymous said...

Welcome back! Keep posting! Never thought of having a cleaner before. It would have to be a fairly close acquaintance as they would need to know something happened in order to take action. Care to share any more details? Anyone else have a friend in place to do this?

Plugged PHL said...

I want to thank you for this blog! I'm now 44, and have become much more interested and comfortable with exploring my butt. I recently became interested in plugging on a regular basis, and stretching myself more. I've been single for a long time, and have had difficulties with comfortably having anal sex, and figured this would be a fun way to become more comfortable. Your blog has really helped me become more comfortable with plugging as a regular and normal activity. While I type this, I'm wearing a nice jellee type plug, which I have had in for about an hour already. I have been working up to wearing it longer and longer. As I do so, I find that I become much more comfortable with it. The one I have in now has about a 1 inch neck, so, it keeps my butt open just enough. Overall,I still about 4 inches long, and the widest point is about 1.5". My ass seems to like it.

So, your blog made me brave enough to run and errand a few blocks away to pick up a few things. It felt so awesome being out in public with it in; but part of me was also continuously monitoring it as well. Was it in securely? Can anyone see it through my jeans? Is my life spotting my jeans at all? Is it drying out too quickly?

May I ask a few questions?

what have you found to be the best lube for all day wear?
Do you wear anything between your underwear and the plugs?
How do you prevent lube from possibly soaking through?
How often do you reapply lube throughout the day?
Have you ever had an "incident" and if so, what was it, and how do you now avoid it again?
What should I be most aware of as a new plugger who REALLY wants to be a full timer. I REALLY want to do what you have!

Honestly, I wish I had a friend that was really into this as well that I could just sit and have a beer with and talk about this. Even to learn from, and show and discuss freely without it being more than exploring a common pleasurable hobby. I just ordered an njoy pFun steel plug, and I can't wait for it to get here. I REALLY want to feel that in me, with the weight. But, for now, I will enjoy my little red jelled planted between my cheeks! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Ok...I couldn't wait the few extra days for the pFun to get here, so I found a store that had the njoy pure in stock and bought the medium. I'll be honest, I think I could have gone to the large. The neck is a bit thin, but I'm hoping to get more. I like the feel of steel, it's smoothness, sturdiness, and weight. So, I think that is my preferred material. I can definitely believe that I can wear a steel plug all day. Now, to wait, patiently for the pFun to arrive. Patience.

J Nathan Bazzel said...

Hey man; I’d love to touch base with you to see what’s new and if you’re still plugging away. You inspired me tremendously. Please shoot me a private message.