Aug 6, 2007

I'm back!

I just got back yesterday from an extended vacation, during which there was absolutely no plugging. In fact, not even enough time for masturbation. In five weeks, I masturbated exactly three times. I was just too busy and there were always people around.

So you can imagine my joy at coming home and relaxing with my buttplug collection. Inserting my favorite one, the fat anal dilator, was like being greeted by an old friend, only it had been so long, I felt like a virgin. I'm sitting on the dilator again tonight and I swear it feels even bigger than last night's short session. I hope to wear it to bed tonight.

Got this email today from an anonymous poster:


My lover and I want to try wearing anal plugs on a daily basis. The trouble we are having is finding a plug that is discrete enough to allow us to wear while at work, or just out and about with little impact on clothing, etc.

Can you recommend a type or brand of plug that works well for everyday use?


Well, Anonymous, you might want to look for the Purple Passion (seen in my medicine cabinet a post or two ago), the Tristan, or the Severin. The ComfortPlug is also pretty good, if you can find it, but some people actually find it too small. I would not suggest a metal plug because it is inflexible and even though the neck is small, the plug is heavy enough to be a problem for an untrained asshole. (I'm thinking of the small metal plugs marketed as anal jewelry - while they are very nice and might be fun for home use, I can't see wearing one all day without risk of slippage.) You'll also want to practice using and inserting your plug with a minimum amount of lube; this helps with retention. Ultimately, you may have to try out several medium-sized plugs before finding one comfortable enough for extended wear. And don't forget to do dry runs AT HOME before wearing to work. Try wearing for an evening, then all night, then all day on a weekend, etc.

Good luck.

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Anonymous said...

you might like NJOY plugs which are available at extreme restraints or tristan's site,
they run small, so even if you are an early user, aim bigger. these plugs are expensive but very lovely, smooth and comfortable, and completely invisible. even my wife doesnt know when i have it in all night. enjoy!